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Our Origin Story

Amazon Seller School is the brainchild of Todd Welch, a passionate entrepreneur whose journey in the Amazon marketplace epitomizes resilience, evolution, and success. From humble beginnings, flipping finds from Walmart and Goodwill, Todd quickly recognized the potential and scalability of the Amazon platform.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Grappling with an 80-hour workweek juggling his regular job and Amazon business, Todd’s resilience bore fruit when he discovered the realm of Amazon Wholesale. Bypassing the routine of retail arbitrage, he began connecting directly with brands and their distributors, ensuring a consistent stock and steady profits.

This vision and strategy led Todd to establish a 2,000 sq ft warehouse within months, which then scaled to a 5,000 sq ft facility in tax-friendly Florida by 2020. Through meticulous financial planning, disciplined strategies, and relentless determination, Todd’s operations now report over $300,000 in monthly sales, with an annual trajectory aimed at crossing $4 million in 2023.

Check out this episode with Todd’s story:

Our Philosophy

At Amazon Seller School, we believe the Amazon marketplace remains a land of opportunities. While the landscape is undeniably more competitive than a decade ago, there’s ample room for dedicated sellers to carve their niche, optimize their processes, and thrive.

Whether you’re interested in wholesale, private label, retail arbitrage, or any of the numerous profitable pathways on Amazon, our platform is tailored to guide you. As Todd often says, “Success is yours, if you take it.”

What We Offer

Each week, our podcast dives deep into the nuances of Amazon selling. From invaluable tips and tricks from Todd himself to engaging interviews with other sellers and software/tool creators, we bring a 360-degree perspective to your Amazon selling journey.

Additionally, our platform offers tools like the two-week cashflow and budget cashflow template, which Todd himself uses to stay financially disciplined. Our ultimate mission is to empower you to sell more, learn continually, and scale your business seamlessly.

At Amazon Seller School, we provide not just insights but also tailored training for Amazon sellers. Dive into our standout “Path to Six Figures Program” to fast-track your success. With expert guidance on listing optimization, brand collaborations, and securing exclusive agreements, this program is your roadmap to thriving on Amazon, whether you’re a beginner or looking to scale. Join us and chart your path to success.

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