You are currently viewing Amazon Seller Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum Q&A, Suspensions, Bans, Private Label, Wholesale, Retail Arbitrage

Amazon Seller Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum Q&A, Suspensions, Bans, Private Label, Wholesale, Retail Arbitrage

When your livelihood depends on adhering to Amazon’s ever-changing terms and conditions, having a law professional in your corner is always beneficial. Luckily, CJ Rosenbaum is here to break down your rights as a seller. CJ is a lawyer who specializes in Amazon sellers and knows everything there is to know about the rules and regulations behind e-commerce. Stay tuned. 

When your livelihood depends on adhering to Amazon’s ever-changing terms and conditions, having a law professional in your corner is always beneficial. Luckily, CJ Rosenbaum is here to break down your rights as a seller. CJ is a lawyer who specializes in Amazon sellers and knows everything there is to know about the rules and regulations behind e-commerce. Stay tuned. 

CJ’s Story

Having always repped entrepreneurs, CJ entered the Amazon business after realizing there was a space that needed filling: Amazon sellers looking for help when their accounts, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, were suddenly suspended. Confident he knew the ins-and-outs of seller rights, CJ started his own practice. CJ believes that no obstacles should prevent entrepreneurs from giving the Amazon market a try. He’s here to help you combat those inevitable legal obstacles so you can carry on doing what you do best – selling. 

What He Does

In short, CJ helps Amazon sellers. When it comes to Amazon troubles, 50% of his work has nothing to do with the law. Instead, it’s about nailing an exercise in persuasive writing or perfecting those plans of action that Amazon requires us to write when our account gets flagged. 

His firm also specializes in defending sellers from baseless claims. And as more sellers get into private label, CJ helps sellers establish and obtain their trademarks, build-in intellectual property rights, and protect their copyright. 

What You Should Do First

The first thing any seller should do, specifically those in private label, is protect their idea, their name, and their label. You never know when your brand will get big. And should the success you’re working towards finally come to fruition, you’ll want to be prepared. 

First, file for your own trademark protection. Filing is very easy and CJ is happy to walk anyone through it free of charge. Also make sure to file to protect the “fanciful way” you’re going to build it. Have a great design for your logo? Trademark it! Also remember, if you don’t register your brand, you don’t maintain control of your listings and that means anyone can go in and change them.

Finally, you’ll need to protect yourself from whoever is building your product. Unfortunately, your source of goods is oftentimes your primary threat. Factories can make your product and then turn around, make additional products, and sell them elsewhere. 

How To Protect Your Product

There are two things you can do to protect yourself from Chinese factories. CJ recommends doing the following simultaneously. 

  • Develop a relationship with the factory. And don’t just send them a quick email. Visit the chain and meet face-to-face. Even if they’re in China, CJ says it’s worth the miles. Why? Because now they lose face if they start selling your products after you’ve built up that relationship. Make sure these factories have skin in the game. 
  • File in China. Filing with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) with a Chinese lawyer in China is relatively easy, cheap, and absolutely worth it. You’ll need all the leverage you can get. 

Also make sure that you’ve added something to your product that no one can duplicate. For example, maybe your product has an element that involves signing in on your website. 

Dealing With Unauthorized Sellers

Sending a simple cease and desist letter will usually do the trick. Whatever you do, don’t go nuclear. Always work to propose an amicable agreement. The last thing you want is to piss off a seller by needlessly killing off their business. It’s never a good idea to burn bridges. Also, for obvious reasons, try and avoid court. 

Tips for Wholesalers

While much of CJ’s work pertains to private label, he’s got a few great tips for us wholesalers as well. 

  • Get Distribution Agreements: If you can, get it on paper. Upfront agreements prevent problems down the road. Also make sure to have a fantastic record of invoices that trace back to the manufacturer. And use common sense. The invoices should have a legitimate phone number and a legitimate address that at least looks like a business on Google. Another rule of thumb – all of the information on your invoice should match the information on your Amazon account. If you need help creating an agreement, CJ’s firm can send you free templates. 
  • Research Before You Invest: CJ recommends every seller follow someone like Todd. Watch webinars like these, speak to other sellers, and attend live events for great information and inspiration.  

Multiple Seller Accounts

While having multiple accounts is technically against Amazon’s terms of service, you can get your second account approved by Amazon. And if you’ve only got one account, consider this: if you’re a full-time seller, your entire livelihood is based on that one account. So what happens if it gets shut down? Having a backup takes the pressure off. 

Plans Of Action

So let’s say that your account is shut down. Does Amazon have legal grounds to do so if they suspect that you’re selling illegitimate products? No. But what you’ll need to do to get your account reinstated, whatever the reason for the suspension, is write a plan of action. 

According to CJ, plans of action should have three sections – 

  • Root Cause: Identify what happened and how you’re going to do business better moving forward (i.e. source products from somewhere more credible).
  • Immediate Corrective Action: An obvious rule of thumb in these situations – do everything possible to make your customer happy. Send a refund or offer another product, even if you suspect it’s a scam and the original product was 100% fine. 
  • Long-Term Change To Your Business: How are you going to make the whole operation of your business better? CJ recommends researching better distributors and spelling this research out for Amazon. And if you’ve already found a better distributor, trace their products back to the manufacturer in writing. 

Distribution Issues

So what if you ask to sell a product and the manufacturer says no but the distributor says yes? This is what’s called a grey market and, per CJ, under U.S. law, you should be able to sell the product with no issues. Even if someone makes a complaint, you’ve done nothing wrong. 

With that said, sometimes you’ll have to make a business decision and weigh the risks versus rewards of selling a certain product. There are instances where a company will make a fuss and if you’re not profiting immensely from their product, it’s not worth risking the wrath.


If you’ve been selling for a while, you’ve probably received a complaint or two. When you do receive one, don’t sweat it. 

The people reading these complaints seem to be workers in India with no legal training. When a complaint comes your way, have a law firm send a letter that says their complaint is baseless. More often than not, the complaint will be withdrawn. 

If the complainer is silent or refuses to withdraw, file a notice dispute on Amazon and send the same letter. CJ sees a high success rate with this as well. 

You can also send a counter-notice. This means if the complaint is baseless, the seller can serve a counter-notice and the complainer has 17 days to sue you or the complaint disappears.

Bottom line: if you’re hit with a complaint, don’t flip out. 

Reinstating Accounts

So how long does it take to get your account reinstated after an IP complaint? CJ says it’s typically 1-2 weeks. Some take longer, some are quicker, but that’s the ballpark. For non-legal suspension, you’re looking at about a week. 

When it comes to Amazon’s treatment of sellers, we can only hope that competitors continue to challenge Amazon and thereby improve the space for all of us.

Amazon Smile

Consider using Amazon Smile whenever possible. When you purchase on Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a part of your purchase to charity. If you’re considering charities, check out the Ty Lewis Campbell Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. 

Retail Arbitrage

Are you selling retail arbitrage? If you get a threat from a law firm like Voorhees, just know the grounds are baseless. Amazon doesn’t take these complaints too seriously so CJ has had success persuading Amazon to ignore them. 

When dealing with a law firm like Voorhees, CJ’s firm sends a quick “letter of recognition” that lets them know that they’ve received the complaint and are looking into it but disagree with its legitimacy. 

Reselling Gated Brands

Many have started to speculate that reselling brands like Nike is too risky unless you’ve been ungated by Amazon. CJ says don’t take the risk with big guys like Nike. When it comes to following Amazon’s “rules”, sometimes it’s easier to ride the horse in the direction that it’s going. 

CJ’s Final Tips

Don’t lose sleep over litigation. There are very few lawsuits against domestic sellers. Most of the time, Amazon just wants to see your legitimate invoices.

Last tip from CJ? Purchase liability coverage. It’s affordable and if someone’s ever hurt by your product, the coverage will pay for your losses and provide you with a paid-for defense.

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[00:04:24] What You Should Do First

[00:10:11] How To Protect Your Products

[00:14:13] Dealing With Unauthorized Sellers

[00:17:58] Tips For Wholesalers

[00:24:04] Multiple Seller Accounts

[00:29:07] Plans Of Action

[00:31:31] Distribution Issues

[00:33:11] Complaints

[00:35:39] Reinstating Accounts

[00:44:07] Amazon Smile

[00:47:06] Retail Arbitrage

[00:55:19] Reselling Gated Brands

[00:59:37] CJ’s Final Tips


0:00:01 Alright CJ,  Welcome to Entrepreneur  Adventure. You are an Amazon lawyer or lawyer who specializes in selling on Amazon so why don’t you just tell us a little bit about yourself, how to get started and what is it exactly that you do.

0:00: 23 CJ: Ok well, I always represented entrepreneur even when I was in law school I started representing fraternity brothers and other people who are buying and selling businesses and then when I graduated law school. I always had a bunch of entrepreneurs as clients of mine that we would do all sorts of transcriptions, but I spend the vast majority of my time for a good time 10 to 15 years being a trial lawyer like was the guy in court convincing injuries that my side was right the other side was wrong. And then I get to roughly 8 or 9 years ago, one of my clients started looking at buying an Amazon based business and I was involved in the a contract and then I wasn’t and I was going involved and then it closed. That was  a couple of weeks with several hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line his account get suspended. He reaches out to me not so much for help because I didn’t really know anything about Amazon at the time, but let me know that there was a lack of professionalism and a lack of lawyers who could help people with their Amazon issues and they were really the sellers were really getting hurt. So I looked into the research and I started seeing what’s out there end a time there were two people were one guy was doing it part time he was a former Amazon guy and another was a woman who was still selling, so the confidentiality of people telling her what they were doing I was a problem and she was never like a big time seller, she kinda, in my opinion kinda lack on the ability to interact on a higher level with corporate people and significant businesses you have millions of dollars on the line also she was farming out a lot of work to people in the Philippines. So I thought it was great opportunity, just like an entrepreneur, just like all your listeners. And I  spent about a year reading and studying and learning and going to Amazon events and then we launched and now from then to now we’ve grown to basically you know me one website guy, to I think we’re up to 26 people 22 here in New York, 3 in Shenzhen China, 1 in Ebu and Hangzhou China and a full- time lawyer in Europe. And the entire focus of practices helping Amazon sellers about 50% has nothing to do with the law 50% is just writing plans of action for sellers. In authentic, you sold this new high ORD RH. The same college educated paralegal that’s right legal work, right plans of action and we do it a lot better and nothing gets farmed out and the other half, have has to do with intellectual property law, which is defending sellers from baseless claims and also as more and more sellers getting to private label we help them established trademarks, build in intellectual property rights, obtain their trademarks, protect the copyright. We have a patent law that is on which called up council, and some stats we see the hockey pot going. That’s what we think we should be. Our focus is entirely on Amazon sellers, shifting more and more and more towards the sellers that are going into private label.

00:03:23 Todd : It’s a big area I mean, is just the only that gotta get bigger and others lot of issues with selling on Amazon that you can run into and it’s kinda of a new frontier for a lot of people because there’s a lot of sellers that are just jumping on their and they’re never sold  before and they’re just starting to sell whatever it may be without thinking about the legal issues that could come along with it if you sell a product and somebody gets hurt with it or if their kids eats it or swallows and chokes whatever the case may be, I mean there’s a lot of issues there that people can run into. So why don’t we start there on the private label side of things and then will go through wholesale and retail average as well. What are the biggest issues that you see people starting out in private label that they are running into legalized?

00:04:25 CJ : The first thing any private label should do, also I want to get back the obstacles should not prevent anybody from giving this market a try. The obstacles are easy to overcome and it’s a huge opportunity, just huge. The first thing a private label seller needs to do is first, protect their idea and their name and their label. You know, we don’t know who’s going to be the next Ralph Lauren or the next Under Armour or the next Nike. So as you put time and effort into it’s really easy for private label sellers to file for their own trademark protection. While we do, do it as a service, you can do it yourself and I’m happy to walk any of your listeners. They schedule appointment with me I’ll teach them how to do it themselves, no charge, but file to protect the name that you develop and you should also file protect the font the way you gonna write it like the way the Mcdonalds “M” has written or smoosh for Nike whatever you come up with, you really should file for protection right away and then the next issue faces as you do it the you need to protect yourself from one who ever is building your product. Your source of good is your number one threat it’s not the competition, it’s your own factory, who they see product being successful. You know create a 100,000 units for you and sell it to you and make another 100,000 or another 500,000 and sell to dozen or hundreds of accounts you know in China or Vietnam or India where they are operating. So you need to protect yourself both domestically and wherever your sourcing your product. And those are the top two issues you got to face as you get started

00:05:57 Todd : For the trademark side of the things, if you don’t trademark your product, does that basically mean that someone else can take your logo and put it on their own product and pretend that they are you?

00:06:09 CJ: You know it’s, they can do it and you can knock them off because the United States and Europe and most of the world is what’s called a first to use state or first to use system, where if you develop it and you own it you can knock other people off even if they file after you you can actually a post that filing or seek to take that filing a way you can change it but it cost if it’s going to take some time it’s good money it’s much easier Cheap way to do it at the outset on the other hand Wear your sourcing your products and i’m not a chinese passport i don’t think it’s right but when you have one country that has like 90% of all the factories on the planet in one country that’s where the good stuff comes from a bad stuff comes from china Is first to register in the first to file so it’s just easier and cheaper and efficient To do it a leon if you didn’t do it just a day then put on your list to up to this for tomorrow and again it is in the us it’s really really easy chinese a little more complex

00:07:14 Todd: Yah and something Divine two is that chinese culture is different Then what our culture is here we’re here we kind of think Bad thing of taking someone else and stuff in running with This kind of expected that if someone’s being. In china that can have expected the dead if someone’s Being successful you just copy them and do the same thing and tried to be successful yourself not necessarily right or wrong it’s just two completely different cultures and you get to keep them in mind that you’re dealing with a culture that may not be or think the same as what we do here by taking someone else’s stuff

00:07:44 CJ: That’s entirely correct and like you know if we grew up in like when we were kid if you told so not being a copycat that was a bad thing you know that doesn’t exist in chinese culture so we’ve learned a lot by our team in china and that’s exactly right also in united states there are different assumptions in china if you don’t fall in the specific categories as hundreds and hundreds of categories your presumed to have rights In those categories where the presumption is the opposite here In fact china had no ip Law & order 2012 absolutely zero but now . . . ave and i don’t know if there your if you’re a trump fun or anti trump i don’t want to get into politics in terms of intellectual property i read a report that there are 15 times as many filings in the us coming from people located in china than the us and europe combined so there filing trademarks and patents here in the us for products The deer making in china . this chinese that’s right the door protecting the right here as well as the air at 15 times the rate also the government there supports them so us sellers us dollars you really do need you do need to start protecting yourself her lee and it’s cheap in its easy you can do it yourself

00:09:00 Todd: Yeah definitely and with the trademark to you have to have that Now of amazon to register your brand and protect your listings on amazon because if you do if you don’t register your brand then you don’t maintain control of your listings and anyone can be changing your listings but if you register your brand those listings that are using that brand or can i lock down for you and that people can just change them do whatever they feel

00:09:25 CJ: Yai hundred percent Write a hundred percent they could also sometimes change the back and used field to get the registry when i’m not sure if you still can do that they call in the deprecating one but did but to get into 2.0 yet

00:09:40 Todd: They’ve completely move the 2.0 i’ve been Got one brand that’s registered under 1.0 and i don’t have a trademark yet and they keep warning me that i need to get a trademark or i’m going to lose that i’m going to get that down here pretty quick so i have talked to you about that i have for the show here but a little bit more about do these supplier issues what to do what can you do to protect yourself from a chinese manufacturer supplier from stealing your product in your logo trademark

00:10:12 CJ: Ok i get it did really do things You have to do them simultaneously of one you have to develop blindly with your factory which means Relationship that face to face relationship with your factor you are the factory manager and it’s a long flight but it’s not as often as it sounds you have to go to and visit that you have to let them get to know you and you have to spend some time with them so that if they then sell your products out in the back door They lose face if there’s no relationship That’s going to stop them from doing that in fact it’s a good business Do you need to develop a relationship with your manufacturer and you need to keep that relationship It is actually vital the second thing that you need to do is to file in china Once you have the mark here in usa you can do in white Intellectual property organization It’s 300 box it’s really cheap and it gives you some protection in china But you really should follow by the chinese new year then trying to hit all different sub categories that you’re in that you intend to go into what it will do if we will give you leverage so that either wonder factory won’t won’t screw you over i want sell your products outside the back door or if they do you have some leverage to communicate with them In a face to face meeting in show Be filed with the contract and we don’t want to show either that you have to stop selling your products to other sellers In those mechanisms work it really is not much lead litigation on this things if you walk softly have a relationship in you carry a big stick of having found you should have much Litigation on distances If you walk softly have a relationship and you carry a big stick of having file you should not have much Of a problem at all

00:11:43 Todd: Read suggesting having to read their basically Solves most of the problems

00:11:46 CJ: I like to call it leverage leverage

00:11:48 Todd: Ok Thanks god it’s probably a better term lets say they do go ahead and they do that is the chinese government are they willing to protect american interest over there from their own citizens

00:12:01 CJ: Increasingly they are especially in some of the hot spots Battle going on the last couple of years as to beach and ocean country or city is going to the eyepiece capital of asia yet hong kong battling chandra and battling singapore so in some of the provinces like in beijing or china or shanghai or in the course In gensan the quarter very open to hearing you out but Avoidance of a at all costs if you cannot avoid going The court think it’s the best thing that there are other mechanisms in the chinese are mostly selling here in the us if if you have the mark ok and then they’re taking your mark and sticking it on their product they’re very easy to get off if they’re selling the same exact product then you need to be a little more creative and that’s one of the things that we focus on we’re not allowed to say we specialize in anything As lawyers in new york So we focus on it we focus on what we can add to the product or add to the warranty of the product so that nobody else can deliver the same thing like if you’re selling like a health and beauty item and it includes a license to log on to a part of your website that gives health and beauty advice no one else can say that license other than you so they might be able to sell the product on the On one hand but they can also Deliver that license so that the consumer is not getting the same thing it’s almost like buying a new car and new bmw with the warranty is worth $50000 without the warranty you know not so much

00:13:25 Todd: Always a big issue on amazon dealing with hijackers And what i have done is just have a cease and desist letter that i don’t remember i get it might have been from scott walker of the amazing seller is template for him and basically just says they stop selling the product that they are not authorized to do that and they continue to do that for them to amazon Or possibly pursue legal avenues and 95 or 99% of the time That seems to get them off pretty quickly is there any issue of sending that kind of letter is that ok with amazon terms or what is your thoughts there

00:14:13 CJ: Now we do the same thing i would just changed you verbiage A b customized salaries vs and authorizes pacific specifically something that amazon will not enforce so i would identify something else but it’s really easy to do with the same success rate where will you send those letters most sellers just want to go on doing their business And not lose their account and either stopped selling or they’ll Contact you and i’ll say hey this is i’ve got a thousand units left Can i sell this out and then we’ll move on to something else i think they also by doing that rather than making a claim that you’re not you’re not needlessly killing somebody else’s business so everyone has mouth to feed and you’re also avoiding the animosity that comes with making you complain you know i don’t think it’s really wise business wise to go nuclear but because their best seller their stuff their cousins brothers mothers children right can buy your products returned and also in your ODR it goes to the roof or they’ll Make complaints against us abarintos your face your problems so you send a c and d letters i would take out the trash authorization language of it and it’s very very effective and then i would i would at all possible workout agreement so that people Amicably come off your listings.

00:15:24 Todd: Yeah, Yeah definitely in there is a friend of mine a little bit after getting some replies and not like things i don’t need to be quite so hard lot of people there are trying to sell products under 9s are we trying to do anything wrong for example in my first my very first products that i listed on amazon bedsheets in i was originally selling on ebay And i just found a listing and likeYeah that looks like the same product i send it in and sold on that listing and i never get a cease-and-desist or anything but months down the line i’m like i was a hijacker products and i had no idea what i was doing coming for me that’s not an issueAnd it doesn’t really matter could be something that simple to be malicious you never know

00:16:20 CJ: Most of the time its It’s not malicious most sellers don’t want to get involved in dispute Vinegar shaded a settlement a few months ago where The complaint cayman ago where do in our client had already ordered that you know like two containers full of this particular product so we were negotiated with the other sides lawyers in california workout just a licensing agreement where you know x dollars or x cents per 4 units where get paid to them also continue to sell they continued to make you know roughly the same profit and what our clients inventory is gone you know you show stop selling and move on and i think those agreements are best for everybody because they avoid all the projects so easy for a bar or 10 bars to make complaints in just stopped size you so i believe in working things out trying to avoid Court i’m not afraid Of course i’ve tried more cases that if you took Every lawyer you know and added at the courtroom experience i have more than all of them combined it’s not a place for small and medium sized business the only wants to make out well or the lawyers should we try to avoid that as much as possible even though from time to time you have to go to court to get a restraining order you have to go to court if somebody is money you know to get leverage over them or you have to respond in court we try to avoid it at all possible

00:17:41 Todd: Why don’t you move over to like the wholesale Side of things for people who are buying products that are branded either for distributors or directly from the manufacturer or whatever whatever suppliers are coming from are there any specific issues that wholesalers need to watch out for

00:18:00 CJ: I think you do  i think first You want to try to get distribution agreement if you can ok they’re not required amazon doesn’t in force distribution or authorization of humans but if you can get authorization is just going to avoid problems down the road where they won’t make complaints against you or if you are caught up in a net against hijackers you can easily get out of it so that’s number 1 number 2 I would certainly Watch the forums listen to webinars like this make phone calls and do some research before you invest too heavily in a particular brand or product the health and beauty industry has had a tremendous crackdown on titan people selling their products even though most of their complaints are like a hundred percent baseless all you may want to do some research before you bet the farm online Like johnny b hair products if they are very aggressive even though Their complaints are totally ludacris if you get a letter from a law firm like a lawyer for or somebody else out there don’t freak out out most Almost most of the ip complains out How they are entirely baseless so that’s one of the reason why we’re so successful is that complaints have no grounds in the lord that’s where you can get them dismiss over and over and over again but i would first rice distribution agreements and then numbers to do some research because Because if you can Avoid disputes and Make money elsewhere i think that’s it’s better thing to do

00:19:17 Todd: so the distribution agreements That’s something you get food directly from the supplier like i do have some agreements with certain suppliers but other ones not really just send you their product list in start selling so if that’s the case Do you recommend requesting 14 from them or do you have like a template that we can We can use to send them and get it signed

00:19:45 CJ: The template it’s no big deal would be no charge You would send it out to you number 2 those authorizations Usually come find a brand or a brand manager or maybe a little bit lower On the food chain to your source or your distributor we want to try and get those also if you’re not if you can get that you really want to keep a fantastic because of your invoices that show where you can you purchase it from that can then show a link back to the brand of the number one reason for a suspension or Accounts suspension Is inauthentic And it’s not claiming that your project are My faith is they just want to see where they can where they come from So if you buy it from abc distributor you wanted to be able to show that abc distributor get it from you know hasbro or never marvel or nfl or whatever the product or whoever brand If you want to be able to The show 18 all the way back to manufacturer if you can that can be done in several ways it could be right on the invoice you could be right in the documents it could be as simple as pictures of the Distributor with light the marvel travelling it or copies If you can get them but you certainly one to get good invoices And i’ve learned it on a ton about what you want the invoices to have on them in what you don’t want your invoices to have it’s a whole separate subject but quality invoices are vital because amazon will give you this in a sentence on plane and then you have to give them the invoices

00:21:04 Todd: For the invoices are the same in today’s world digital invoices Hurricane you dont hurt to have physical paper copies

00:21:14 CJ:We almost always use paper copies almost always have actual paper invoices We do have electronic once from time to time but with the meetings amazon almost always paper and we want a further certain things you want to see on that invoice you don’t want a proforma invoice that was made on excel or any is right on the left hand side you get where you bought it from the Distributor name address website phone number You have to make sure that website exists You have to make sure that phone number works ok you have to know if your google earth and it’s going to look like a business it’s not somebody stole more like an empty field has to be real and amazon is more and more more calling distributors to see you better days sold you know to you on your side of the invoice you want to have like your name your address or phone number your website but everything should match the amazon account so if you’re selling

Paper invoices we do have electronic funds from time to time square cebu to amazon yellowstone have april wallpaper on a certain things you want to see that it what you want to proforma invoice that was made on excel Just to make sure that website exists to make sure that all works ok Hole in the distributor to see whether they sold you know to you on your side of the invoice you want to have liked your your name your address your phone number your website but everything should match the amazon account so if you’re selling underlies you know abc cable so far is right by your products under abc table supplies email address on your email address Holy fire with me and i’ll update multiple accounts but you should also that maintain invoices in the names of each other small caps we know how to download fonts on mac so that all different sizes and prices January 1st you cancel invoice from march 1st quarter It is a place where signature somebody should sign it is just some things we learn by emily all these non-legal suspension friday

00:23:12 Todd:Assessment talk about the multiple seller account so i do have 2 accounts with approval from amazon I need a second account for business purposes because i had to complete And they were ok with that i got approval and i have those in a standard records that saved and they know the name of the new account america General david

00:24:04 CJ: Cheapest basketball court address Error while it is based on 1 account will your a gas station in your entire account gets shut down into any date and time of the many many sellers that we work with that have many many accounts they do it very well other cells as soon as i Skills the most successful people reach the amount of accounts or either in specific areas of a brooklyn new york are in shenzhen china and or italy had six computers with six different hotspot with six different bookkeepers and six different product lines and parallel And they’re their religious about not trusting account from account and i do a lot of things themselves as if that lets let’s say for example of a bookkeeper was lying in the police reports for you if that bookkeeper blows it makes a mistake you’re a casket life than you go out of business so if you going to do if you like to be careful crosswind recommended doing without amazon

00:25:35 Todd: Not yet rated Amazon’s permission is personally i would want to take that risk of getting my account shutdown and lose entire business that i’ve spent years building up self not a restaurant table 24 Metaformation 1 the stipulations and there is that the two accounts can not sell the same products because i don’t want me to have multiple listings for advice on product and bollie take out more spots on the search results just one ryougi shiki

00:26:10 CJ: The same products because i dont want me to have multiple listings for my same product in the other take out more spots on the search results just one Product on one account young just boosted Terms of surrender be careful if you have their plural how you use the pool and outdoor use it as if you do have that like people can’t get it Vape tricks Michiaki be careful that if you lose a product on one account on the other one another way out Approval how you use if you don’t know if you do have that

00:26:49 Todd: You have the luck Shell shocked about on the wholesale that side of things before me move on

00:26:54 CJ: Information about big fan of a very levine wholesale breakthrough could learn a lot from heaven has a lot of places can learn from The amazon sellers events for like 2 reasons of one you learn a lot and number to be an inspiration so close 2 things i recommend that sellers know of

00:27:25 Todd: Getting the suspensions or amazon suspensions for an authentic products that buying from a company that has everything Confirms that maybe vs platinum from the selling me original products what happens that where is the legal liability and that is not only on the legal size but also what will amazon can do

00:28:02 CJ: On the legal side we see Theoretically could there be absolutely this certain amount of statutory damages could be liable for we see liked practically zero that it’s really just the seller dealing with amazonPresent address of tours offshore sellers of what i think is very very minimal of getting started it exist but very small. When it comes to Amazon, it’s all about Write amazon that will we do it will be send out your transaction everythingWrite here write in a way that we find that works so let’s say your items from a well known distributor and it turned out that distributes doing something she ended up withYtImmediate activation on a long-term change to your business about amazon stock and have a problemSome place more rapidly  So let’s say you are selling items from a well known distributor and it turned out that distributes doing something save me ended up with lyrics Extended action ships resections root cause immediate corrective action at a long-term change to a business of an amazon stock and have a problem with future Some place more rapidly Under the water wear if you just right it with different verbiage you can always take out santos tries to get your account reinstated without amazon So the root cause identified how you going to do it better every business to do something better Always refund you can save me money any complaint at all even if they’re playing a scam on you even comprises a whole person Send a mendoza 10 per cent of another to just anything you can to try and make that consumer have Operation of your business better and that’s really something you have to describe Or how you already research identify the distributor and traced back to manufacturer in amazon And it works Third section click this is a little more thoughtful try to figure out how to make the whole operation of your business better and there is really something you have to describe like in this particular scenario Ad research identifies distributor and manufacturer Everyday and it works a persuasive Exercises justin exercise Research identify the distributor and manufacturer The basics of iraq that we do everyday and it works we used to find that a persuasive by census 14 working for 10.1 more and more effective that’s inside of the combination is working Chicken bento persuade where is reading it in hyderabad to bangalore to reinstate duration of your task force on the

00:31:07 Todd: So one thing that I have run into Contact the manufacturer directly Contact the manufacturer directly about sign up Distributor selling products One thing that i have run into is a contact the manufacturer directly about selling a products and they told me that they’re not accepted in having more amazon sellers Is willing to sell them to me to sell on amazon is there any issue there legally

00:31:33 CJ: the fantastic Those products just that every product you can buy it and you can sell it another us lawyer and i buy leaving everything anything at all is called up Not filing a complaint Risk vs reward how much you can make on a product the risk of having a problem Nfl jerseys right for the support when you nfl is going to open that is not in sellers are bad decision Package and sound 450 you can show the genuine right now Everything about my risk vs reward you have the legal size

00:32:35 Todd: You have the an illegal side lyrics not really too much risk their amazon Yes they think that you’re selling products and goods or something like that too many have to go to the process and i can take weeks or months to get that back up in the meantime your business sounds and goes under what kind of recourse to people have the rsa were doing anything wrong but i was on shutting down anway

00:33:12 CJ: First of all I thought that were heard from asking a question twice As far as i am aware live 08 trailer Negative complaints and they give a way that people are really as if it’s nothing We received a complaint with an contact the complaining as your lawyer ep 4 we know amazon we know if your complaint is entirely base And those letters are not because they come from a lot farm for just because it What is sellers on their product and only one of you stands up to them and i withdraw if they are How to notice to speak at nuc that write in an email you send we will refer to our own legal opinion letter to show this no violation has no id rights it’s a genuine product in the same exact Eastern mechanism called account to notice a proposed to copyright complaints where feet may police complaint a seller conservator to know if thunder anjali digital millennium copyright act and then that business has 17 days to either so you would a complaint disappears as a matter of law Solution 3 mechanisms and if you should you shouldn’t be too concerned should flip out if you get a complaint to post a complaint are entirely based on the first sale doctrine and you’re totally legally permitted to buy and sell

00:35:33 Todd:In your history how long does it usually takes for In your history how long does it usually take for someone get rid stated if they do get shutdown that way

00:35:41 CJ: If it’s an IP complain Sweet 22 weeks between contacting yellow look if it’s a lawyer or brand manager or the brand itself and invited a responded affirmative we’re not going to notice to see you tonight Average son take much longer is like a complaint by a lawyer like you enter july and i reach out to the lord i thank you for contacting me Business man in illegal suspension looking usually about a week we heard nightmare stories are people out to 3-4 months and that was right About a week for your not legal suspensions and about to it doesn’t little prospect sometimes a lot faster sometimes a lot slower that’s generally what occurs

00:36:42 Todd: i feel like there’s a My personal here for a class action lawsuit against amazon or something

00:36:53 CJ: I tell you what, I am not a big fan of transaction lawyers Long island full head hair of what we thought we are going right now itRoblox 7000 dollars if you money and it usuallyUnderstand this occur more and more and more and even if you sold a counterfeit product 10,000 unitsSeason all of your moneyWaive their right to go to court in exchange the right to the alteration might think were talking like tens of millions of dollars a year if not for love just money and they have seeds and often for each salaryman is so small it’s not worth the fight or it’s not worth noting the bear so on my part and i have a weekly partnership meeting to talk about this what can we offer sellers on on other group level when i was adjusted sees their moneyWhat a wonderful person i spoke with the last vegas events

00:38:27 Todd: I love selling on amazon and i get to great platform and i’m making out a lot of money doing it but as with everything there is always you charice and i feel like at amazon is iskandar eating its own right now that i got a feeling it’s you to come and let them hear a little bit to attract specially if they get better When you get one platform that’s just can’t it taking over all of each other’s and they become the big bully and making can get away with it because i don’t understand anything get my account suspended

00:39:12 CJ: I agree. Even with all the words on, If not be great as one of the greatest opportunities for regular people to get into your arms around the world and really went like a credit card in the cell phone you can start selling on amazon but there are certain issues in europe they don’t have as much of a marketing Crazy but . . . lee is going to be a thing some reckoning a lot of good hope that yet in walmart that settled and treats as a whole lot better than amazon as aware building up their market i don’t really know that came to fruition are not only get better Recognizes the benefit the platform gets by by the cells at araneta

00:40:08 Todd: I don’t know if it’s going to be a walmart to order that are not taken make that shift or not maybe we’ll see but here that some awesome upstart will figure out something just like eventually it all happen Max up to anything out More markiplier season of sounds and everything else solaire can push down i just like i am just a bit of it may mean and now google google is being beaten up by facebook Benjamin world that there was

00:41:03 CJ: Also see your not that I think is the stock price The perspective changes in middle of forehead you’re a lot of people listen to the president at states i want it says things about amazon being not being fair charges local service i’m not commenting on that accurate or inaccurate I want to see people they’re checking out this daily jobs so i can do that Something people looking twice in saying you don’t get my stuff in the next day and it’s great but what the negative implications of that and i think that that that happened in terms of sellers Just like that can affect the perception of a brown out like me Making out is there any jobs so i can do that for me so i think i think public opinion will have some of that and i think a president Next day and it’s great but what the negative implications of that and i think that that could happen in terms of sellers and it it could help change the better half Sofia And broke a map is not a future of the amazon w regional amazon i don’t know legit sellers salary should start thinking about you and together as a merchant skill that’s being created by a couple of people here in the northeast bandalo professor at a university school of law source is a tax lawyer am i hope to have more news about it and to get to telus elders lesson you need to donate to this is a city like our love

00:42:42 Todd: And that’s how I prefer to see it, I hope Baldan things specially technology because i think that they’d just do not more than the help and slow down the best method of technology You regulate amazonas think it just more cement on escalator and makes it harder for people to get in the game Pariancillo i prefer the free markets and stuff like that but i know exactly what you’re saying like amazon go and stuff like that And so we gotta find out that the parents and young people needs and technology I love it but you’re pizza jobs the americans need a visa promo for something else

00:44:05 CJ:You are making a living in some way or another customer service amazon also shop on amazon without you can pick amazon smile which is a program amazon has a fantastic program we donate a small part of your purchase Great stuff on amazon day helping playback stopped The charitable foundation Arduous campbell foundation it’s a remarkable group of people that raise a lot of money solely to focus on childhood cancers so amazon’s miles of time luis campbelltown dacion and i can send you the later . .

00:45:05 Todd: Sorry for your lost its durability and seems like Money so the focus on childhood cancers so amazon smile subtitles campbell foundation i like to send you a way to that’s what you get for dinner Never assume things deal with cancer and seems like everybody gets cancer nowadays Really incredible father incredible matters like this fantastic about this establishment

00:45:31 Todd: Sometimes because my amazon tools that i used to work on smile when you said that i was forgot to go there for you . Is the charity without you Retail arbitrage and so this is probably the biggest Story of my once i started in amazon in retail arbitrage is where will i get my feet wet next since move more and wholesale and i don’t know but i still do some retail arbitrage and one of the most recent problems that ran into with vice grips skullcandy how they make headphones Formal offer united live with them that i bought these items at clearance and i’m just resale and everyone will go on and on and then i got to paperwork in the mail this girl is legal aid her work the same day of my friends over the floor is lava Apologize old ariana dancing What what should i do in total bs that we say ok

00:47:15 CJ: Skullcandy headset you are not violating anybody’s and title property rights and not letter in my opinion is entirely based Research on the boys love her video about how the ultimate brand protection so it seems to me Looking at where the galaxy switch automation Warriors is very rare available with try to a complaint but i was on is very acceptable to ignoring them so that we chat with that what we call this week we look that i don’t know When thailand was over their refused to withdraw their complaints What items at kohl’s just like you can buy stuff and clothes and sell it in a garage sale you can buy and sell Judas They now or never and they were claimed to represent the brands images department store and the latter is just ridiculous so i would it be to work out those letters they are not doing business if you want to try and avoid those brands even know you’re right if they just get rest rest in your life and will you do if your your risk reward benefit analysis in any better if you not to get involved but let your headphones for most likely a hunch percent with your side Family fun companies are out there for me when i’m i think this is over . . . but i think i was on as a company seems to take their letters a lot less seriously then they used to be so i would it be to our about the voice family strike out and always if you watching this guys i think about us

00:49:45 Todd: And it’s that kind of of my thinking as well and i never wanted to left side is all the more honest and i can’t worry about it but that’s that’s good to know if i would have just ignore them what do you think would they have taken in any further with their open file a lawsuit attorney that i came to you or is it just making plans with no animation

00:50:05 CJ:Get out of marilyn monroe and challenge them but i think yourYour situation i think you’re pretty good time to get any sleep right about someone who deserve your papers tomorrow

00:50:19 Todd:The usual easily sleep writing about someone get a selfie with papers tomorrow shirts Removing any emulator not that level maya drive stop overthinking Closers account it was hopefully not affect my other account center account is in good standing on didn’t have a violation i think maybe i was on my connector to shut down one down but at least as long as you’re there at to if there’s any false suspensions on amazon part

00:51:00 CJ:If you have and approval to have a second account we have seen any connection between products on account with products on account bpi

00:51:14 Todd:Kind of ignore those letters on this copy any one of the four 1-6 not me in the map on san juan island itinerary that it takes just a couple project hold off on actual return them back to shotgun And i just make note of those plans and just don’t i don’t want my money and i can buy the products

00:51:49 CJ: The products i guess the way i like it Faceless send out a quick kiss , form letter x as we have love that we take it seriously and we disagree and here’s our response to apply the silicon nitride to send out there for us If someone is someone has to his writing a letter issue least be like a recognition by justo respect your cv take it serious to go with just a girl or something to that effect over looking into it And if you can imagine that room with just send out the door is letters yes how many to send out a hundred did you get responses drive when someone is called to account On the floor that will you are out that is highly accurate that’s why we see things in it so quick and easy to respond just looking into it Let’s eat what you want to recommend saying something about the first sale doctrine or something like that I’ll be just let them know your saved it and to respond in i will send something that we do we go through business days Identifies each other’s categories and waiters a violation so we say that you know by step to probably do muscles that doesn’t like it timer 15 minutes ready for it and i’m just say you’re wrong is now and then Arunachal yveltal is small but have serious consequences live in a single man raising a child right and solution will be responsible for taking up taking away the light of the single mom in wisconsin ok when i can let that happen i look at some time to the producers Warriors could be held responsible for all assets Long and their potential liability and actors and stops at the start of the voice letters

00:54:20 Todd: What can i say what’s going to work what’s legal what’s not legal and and oakland up and started to talk about amazon will start taking a step 1 more seriously in just to spend people’s accounts for its legal reasons why when you really come down to excel one brand that people will pray for me to such and such as a lot a conversation on it right now is resetting nike shoes so amazon has dedicated herself 4 nike shoes on a lot of people are worried that amazon is going to end season two sisters

00:55:21 CJ: Couples i want is no due process that you’re entitled to know if you end up taking amazon to overturn there are certain laws in the state of washington My wife is the same way from it if it’s a gated brand you’re not already heavily best there’s no reason to pick a fight that cannot be so i’ll just as i am david I would recommend anyone starts getting into taking if they have the opportunity in the setting is really great there then i don’t want to apply first scene

00:56:07 Todd:Nike sentiment old am i haven’t had any issues and have you had people clients that have had their own shot down from selling nike without client

00:56:2 CJ:The queen college summer class suspensions or we hadn’t face your scenario where your undated in your lot to sell and had a problem about it and also by the way if anybody out there every child who they know exactly what i was going to do Powder boys to make decisions for themselves to inspire creative thinking what it is about the company or individual people that work there Add a street so i would save money to build with me

00:57:11 Todd: Amazon my hero sunday is trying to be as one person will tell me something i know you can do that for me All sellers the same ageTell me something i’m like now you can do that i think i just did it for me and it’s

00:57:223 CJ:Tensei seller same page seller and i just love you see someone else on that same planet and you’re getting things for why i don’t know but there is a change in saying that it’s easy to ride a horse in the direction that is going

00:57:45 Todd: I’m not the one accountants . 3 years old and has 800 positive feedback 99% positive feedback rating and i’ve noticed that they probably in the last few months baby 6 months it’s gotten immensely easier for me to get changes the listings and get things done in and they’re just like restau radius server can do that for us And the 20,000 and fees that are not there

00:58:16 Todd:Take a look at social media here and just see if you have any questions questions on it Do you have to be an authorized reseller for a brand to sell same brand on amazon think what is asking we can a touchdown already bout that do you need to be an authorized reseller brand to sell

00:58:45 CJ: The answer is NO. Lights out just a thing you want me tight states without authorization or permission but some branch just might be wise to stay away from

00:58:56 Todd: Depends on what kind of headache you want to deal with.

00:59:00 CJ: Migrate to spain making it is a small amount of money in a big headaches taylor if it’s a tremendous amount of money had a headache

00:59:10 Todd:Sendai class negatives and positives about right over to facebook in cebu got one from alex and what are the top 3 most common cases you can with what are the top 3 biggest mistakes made by amazon sellers at open themselves up to litigation risk mitigation isn’t very very little actual location but i don’t i don’t wanna like not be concerned about it but i think you should lose sleep over litigations very very very very few lost its all you are increasing a beat against domestic cells and 3 are in authentically just want to see your invoices number 2 is you sold is near where people receiving products and i don’t look a little bit older damage or the packaging is like last year that the same Genius eyeglasses packaging is not the same as what looks like in the store is intellectual property office claiming that you shouldn’t be selling otterbox at cell phone case Inauthentic in usa this to have nothing to do with the law although we right under those kinds of actions everyday has a really comes down to your problem not going to be taken to court but how much rescue on a cake with amazon because they can do to suspend your account is there any reason and yet through the you can do it in the litigation risk is barry manilow

01:00:51 Todd: Losing your house because i use all i want what we’re seeing litigation that we’re seeing the most of isn’t against domestic salazar and their stuff it’s usually like a brand new in tondo 12 500 what to do want to 500 ashley cells located in china so the investigation that exists is against all sellers It’s usually like a brand suing john doe 1 to 500 but you don’t want to 500 ashley cells located in china so that a litigation that it is against sellers I just want to correct flying around not a whole lot of the follow through yes

01:01:39 CJ:Amazon summer jam republic on somebody liability coverage Dollars don’t really get to see amazon ask to see the strengths as a business person you should create identity to protect your personal assets and liability coverage if it’s very very inexpensive Cheap and easy is required . What if you do hearts of your heart hurt somebody that you don’t pay whenever the losses are but more importantly provided lawyers to defend you If only more important to the obligation to indemnify for losses hazard

01:02:48 Todd: That’s ex I know that’s extremely important especially if you have a private label brand to protect its somebody somebody hurt themselves with your product how important is that if you’re just another people’s products because it’s a big at her with their products will be liable or would you still be liable as the person who sells them on amazon

01:03:00 CJ: Foreigner cases in medical malpractice when you’re starting a lawsuit for someone who is injured or casting and not for everybody was involved in a product Listen on getting to and they were decided to defend you in new york it’s very rare cases get to smith until after the positions and after your test but you got there 41st make a phone call then you’re done with it and you go about your business on a lawyer to find you on somebody else’s bandwidth Best insult after depositions and after your test but you get there 40 ways to make a phone call then you’re done with it go about your business on a lawyer defend you on somebody else’s star and what does the company hd As far is this this area are things that what i like i were friends and i get anything from anybody if you use any of others i suggest

01:04:35 Todd: Animal why do people get so you’re the insurance but forgetting someone outside nose amazon is not important to get the specifics their yes that is citizen condos are spaced Anything that we haven’t touched on that you want to touch a really grateful to have in the end i think this is really really great webinar and thank you just the amazon smile xander foundation times table foundation like it would take it out 2 to promote themselves are not going to do that Where can people what’s the best way to get a hold of you if they got some of the examples without formatting

01:05:45 Todd:Palasyo by amazon as give you any right to speak with a we know if you need to talk to explain what’s going on to the phone number is 8779 lourdes sellers s e l l e r s you can email me at cj at amazon sellers lawyer . com Work email or seminar on facebook in austria

Formation and the information that i needed to know and that everybody is going to really appreciate are sure so appreciated and i look forward to another interview sometime down the line