The resources you need to succeed in your Amazon business

Discover the Essential Tools and Resources Behind My Amazon Seller Success! This carefully curated list includes services, books, and resources that have played a vital role in my business journey, and I’m confident they’ll do the same for you. 

My aim is to save you precious time by sharing the fruits of months and years of research, experimentation, and learning. As I come across new gems that can accelerate your success, I’ll keep this page regularly updated, ensuring your path to success is smoother and swifter.

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*FULL DISCLOSURE: Many of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you buy through the link you will support Amazon Seller School at no additional cost to you.  I do not promote products unless I use them, trust them and believe they are a benefit to both you and I.

Repricing Software

Unlocking the Ultimate Repricing Power: The Smart Move I Made to Elevate My Amazon Game! Switching to this top-tier repricer, priced at $500/month, was a game-changer once my sales justified the investment. The AI-powered repricer excels in outmaneuvering competitors and securing more buy box wins. When your product sales reach a substantial level, upgrading to the market’s finest repricer becomes the logical choice for unstoppable success!

Meet Bqool Repricer – the perfect tool for beginners! When I first started on Amazon, this was my go-to software for repricing my listings. With Bqool, you can efficiently compete for the buy box, which is crucial for successful sales on Amazon, especially if you’re into wholesale or retail arbitrage. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool to optimize your Amazon selling journey!

PRO TIP: Avoid being the penny cutter! When configuring your repricing strategy, refrain from slashing prices on a product. Instead, aim to match the buy box price and resist going one penny below, thinking it will lead to more sales. In reality, this may trigger a chain reaction where other sellers match your price, causing your repricer to drop the price even further, ultimately eroding profits. Preserve your margins and stay competitive by smartly managing your repricing tactics.

Wholesale Sourcing

Struggling with what to say to distributors and brands? No worries! Grab the exact email templates I personally use to reach out to wholesale suppliers and request their product lists. Remember to customize them to make them uniquely yours, ensuring we avoid sending identical messages. These templates are a game-changer for your wholesale sourcing journey!

Research Tools

If you’re looking for the ultimate tool to revolutionize your Amazon product sourcing, look no further than Analyzer Tools (formerly AMZ Analyzer)! This has become my go-to tool, replacing all other alternatives, including Tactical Arbitrage. The sheer efficiency and effectiveness of Analyzer Tools have completely transformed my sourcing process. Inputting a supplier’s product spreadsheet, complete with UPC and wholesale prices, is all it takes to unleash its power. Within moments, I receive a comprehensive spreadsheet, expertly matching items on Amazon, calculating potential profits, and offering critical insights such as review counts, ratings, and sales rank. Say goodbye to manual sorting and hello to automation! Discover the magic of Analyzer Tools in action by watching the video tutorial and see how it effortlessly unveils profitable gems. If you’re serious about taking your Amazon business to new heights, this tool is a game-changer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage the power of Analyzer Tools for your success. Subscribe to our channel for more valuable tips and tricks to elevate your Amazon selling game!

 Watch the video on how to use it here.

I made the switch to the Helium 10 plugin for all my Amazon product research needs. Their incredible Google Chrome extension provides estimated sales data, giving me invaluable insights into potential products to sell on Amazon. It’s an essential tool that simplifies the process of gauging a product’s sales potential, helping me make informed decisions about what to add to my inventory.

 I use this Google Chrome extension to find out estimated sales of a product on Amazon.  This is a very nice tool to have when you are looking at possible items to sell on Amazon because it allows you to easily see how much a product likely sells on Amazon.  You do want to double check though because while Jungle Scout is awesome no software is perfect.  Watch the video on how to use it here.

Pro Tip:Be sure to look at the number of reviews.  If Jungle Scout says a product sells 300 per month but it only has 3 reviews then I know something is probably not right and I will look at more sources to determine what the actual number of sales might be.

I rely on Keepa, a valuable Chrome extension, to access historical sales ranking and pricing data of products before making wholesale purchases. By reviewing past sales performance and price trends, I can ensure the items have a solid sales history and maintain profitability in the future. To utilize Keepa, you’ll need to purchase a Data Package, which enables the extension to retrieve essential information from Amazon. At around $17 per month, this investment is undoubtedly worth it. Check out our video review for more insights.

Watch our video review here.

RevSeller is an essential plugin that simplifies my product research on the Amazon US market. It allows me to swiftly assess the profit potential of a product and decide if it’s worth selling. With its valuable insights, I can instantly see the number of competitive sellers, the current sales rank, and historical price and sales rank averages. While it is exclusively designed for the Amazon US market, it has become an indispensable tool in my selling arsenal.

DS Amazon Quick View Extended is an excellent tool for reverse sourcing and efficiently sorting through products on Amazon. With its productivity-boosting features, this extension provides invaluable insights and information for sellers. The extended version supports all amazon.* domains, giving you access to “price history” and an interactive Keepa graph, which includes BSR data with a Keepa premium account. You can easily filter, sort, and export products by various criteria like Price, BSR, FBA Sellers, Reviews count, and more. Additionally, it shows essential details like dimensions, weight, and even publisher information for books, making it a comprehensive solution for product research. With the ability to quickly access Amazon rankings and sellers’ information in search results and bestseller pages, DS Amazon Quick View Extended streamlines the process of finding profitable products and makes Amazon selling more efficient than ever before.

IP Alert has become an indispensable tool for safeguarding our Amazon business against intellectual property complaints. With thousands of brands in their extensive database, IP Alert ensures we stay ahead of potential issues with the most current and relevant brand information available. The real-time updates are conveniently stored in an offline database, eliminating the need for constant refreshing or updating of the extension. What sets IP Alert apart is its crowd-sourced and vetted data, allowing sellers to share their experiences with IP claims, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate resource. And the best part? IP Alert offers a free mobile version, enabling us to access critical information while out sourcing, without any additional costs. With over 20,000 satisfied users, IP Alert remains the original and top choice for Amazon sellers to protect their businesses and avoid avoidable intellectual property disputes.  Read my review here.

Inventory Management

This is the software that I use to manage my inventory and it works great, it is by far the best software I have found in the price range.  I use Restockpro to keep track of all my inventory, the costs and it has a great restock module which tells me which products I need to reorder and how many to stay in stock.

Discover the untapped money hidden in your Amazon account! This invaluable tool connects seamlessly to your Amazon account, identifying unclaimed funds from various sources, such as lost or damaged inventory and invalid customer returns. Don’t let that money slip away into oblivion! My Refund Guy does the hard work for you, opening cases to reclaim what’s rightfully yours. They recover thousands of dollars for us every month – give it a try today!

Pro Tip: Beware! Amazon seems hesitant to refund your money, and they might go as far as deleting your user account linked to Refunds Manager. To tackle this, I found a clever solution: I created an email address for Refunds Manager under my business domain. By using a company email address and forwarding it to the designated Refunds Manager email, we successfully circumvented the issue of Amazon deleting our user account. Stay one step ahead of Amazon’s tricks with this pro tip!

Optimization Tools

ChatGPT has become our go-to secret tool for making standout product listings on Amazon. With its help, we can craft detailed and engaging descriptions, bullets, and titles that catch a shopper’s eye and are keyword packed. Beyond just writing, if we provide it with info about our product, ChatGPT can even suggest ideas for the kind of images we should use. In the competitive world of Amazon, where everyone’s striving to make their product the next big thing, using ChatGPT gives us a noticeable edge.

Freelancers, Virtual Assistants & Employees

Discovering this job posting service in the Philippines has been a game-changer for me. Now, I rely on it exclusively to hire long-term virtual assistants for my business needs. With a simple monthly fee, I can post as many jobs as I require, making the hiring process much more efficient. Within just 24 hours of posting a job, I usually receive over 20 resumes from skilled and qualified candidates. The best part is that the site offers competitive hourly rates, which has allowed me to build a talented and cost-effective team. If you’re looking to streamline your hiring process and find top-notch virtual assistants, this platform is definitely worth considering.

Discover Your Ideal Filipino Virtual Assistants with This Top Staffing Agency!  Looking to hire virtual assistants but unsure where to start? Look no further! This Filipino virtual assistant staffing agency does the heavy lifting for you, carefully selecting the best candidates and presenting you with a curated list of top choices. While it may come at a slightly higher cost than hiring through, the quality and convenience are well worth it. Say hello to your new efficient and reliable virtual team!

Fiverr has become my go-to platform for all my smaller business needs. Whether I need a creative and professional logo, eye-catching graphics, or quick one-off projects, Fiverr has a vast array of talented freelancers ready to assist. With its user-friendly interface and diverse pool of sellers, I can easily find the perfect match for my specific requirements. From logo designers to social media managers, Fiverr offers a wide range of services, and I can always count on finding quality work within my budget. It’s a reliable and efficient resource that has saved me time and effort in sourcing various services for my business needs.

We use a tool called Time Doctor to keep track of our Amazon virtual assistants and how long they work. It’s like a stopwatch for work! With this software, we can see when our assistants are working and on what tasks. This helps us know that we’re paying them for the right amount of time and that they’re staying focused. It also lets us see if there are ways we can help them work better or faster on our Amazon projects.

Taxes & Accounting

With TaxJar, managing sales taxes across states has never been easier. This powerful website compiles all the essential information you need to file sales taxes in states where your business generates substantial revenue. Thanks to its convenient auto-file option, you can wave goodbye to the hassle of worrying about sales taxes; everything is taken care of seamlessly. While Amazon collects sales taxes in most states, it’s essential to file accordingly in your home state or where you have a prep center. For this purpose, TaxJar becomes a lifesaver, automating the process even when you’re just filing $0. Streamline your sales tax obligations with TaxJar and focus on growing your business worry-free!

Business Website & Email

If you want suppliers to take you seriously, having a business website and a professional email address is essential. SiteGround offers top-notch and affordable hosting solutions for your website and email needs, backed by excellent customer service. This is the platform I rely on for my own business website and Amazon Seller School.  Click here to watch, How To Create Your Amazon Wholesale Value Prop Website in WordPress.

Accounting & Finance

Managing your cash flow is crucial for achieving business success. That’s why I’ve crafted a powerful template that helps me allocate every dollar with precision over a two-week period, perfectly aligning with my disbursement cycle on Amazon. This template has been a game-changer for me, and now you can grab your copy below and customize it to suit your specific needs. Take control of your finances and watch your business thrive!”

Other Great Software & Tools

Boomerang for Gmail has become an essential tool in my email management strategy, ensuring that I never forget about important messages. One of its standout features is the ability to set reminders to follow up with recipients within a specific time frame. Whether it’s crucial business communications or personal matters, I can choose to be reminded if I don’t receive a reply or simply set a general reminder regardless. This ensures that no messages slip through the cracks, and I never miss an opportunity to follow up with people. With Boomerang’s reliable reminders, my email workflow is more efficient and effective than ever before.

If you’re looking for an excellent business card to optimize your inventory purchases for selling on Amazon, I highly recommend the Capital One Spark business card. As an Amazon seller, I can vouch for its exceptional benefits. With the Capital One Spark card, you can earn a lucrative 2% cash back or rewards on all your purchases from suppliers, helping you increase your profits while restocking your inventory. I’ve been using this card for my business, and it has proven to be an invaluable asset in managing my expenses and generating substantial rewards.

Books I Recommend