Instructions from AMZ Analyzer Knowledge base


Visit USA Link or Canada Link  or Europe Link and watch the video below for step by step instructions on how to register and find your Marketplace API Credentials (Seller ID, Access Key & Secret Key). Pay particular attention  to the instructions starting at 1:50 mark,  click on “Register As Developer” NOT “Authorize a Developer”. Register As Developer button is not shown in the video but will appear directly next to the Authorize a Developer button shown in the video.  Complete the information requested on the page that follows. This step requires a Professional Seller account.


**APRIL 2018: Amazon is enforcing a restriction on registration and use of Product Advertising API Credentials. Use of these credentials is not recommended or supported until further notice**

These credentials are NOT required to use the program but ARE required to display the “is Amazon Seller” data. Visit this link and watch the video below for step by step instructions on how to register and find your Product Advertising API Credentials (AWS Key & AWS Secret Key).

Congrats, you’re all set! You can now bulk search lists of products on Amazon by uploading a product list, research with Search With Browser and analyze your competitors’ storefronts with the Browse By Amazon Seller function, all from the programs Run By File tab!