Can You Build a Business Around a Facebook Group? I Say Yes, Here’s How

As new entrepreneurs, what do we often miss? Red flags on a get-rich-quick scheme? Problems with a proposal? How about opportunities staring us straight in the face? 

It may sound silly, but it takes time to develop an opportunity-first mindset. From the time we’re kids, we tend to view life through a lens that’s cut and dry. This is wrong, this is right, here’s a problem, there’s a basic solution. But as we evolve into thought leaders and idea-makers, so must our outlooks.

Take Todd’s cousin as an example. Starting a Facebook group for a personal interest may sound innocuous enough. But in Todd’s mind, that platform can quickly become the engine for a full-time business. 

Let’s back up a bit. Let’s say you start a Facebook group to chat all things saltwater fly fishing. It’s popular in your area and you’ve got tips, tricks, and prime fishing locations that feel like hidden gems. 

Now What? 

So you’ve built your audience, you’ve established a small to mid-size group…now what? How about expanding to other fly fishing locations? Make more groups for different areas and keep fostering a sense of community among your members. Then, reach out to businesses and ask if you can receive their products for free for a group giveaway. Or find some way to let businesses know you’re a thought leader in their niche and build up a relationship. 

And when you run that giveaway, collect email addresses in the process. That way you can own your newfound audience outside of Facebook, or wherever you’ve chosen to build a community. 

Then make a website and start posting blogs, articles, YouTube videos, or even user-generated content. Send your website and content updates to your email list and quickly gain traffic. Once your blog or YouTube channel has enough traction, now you’ve got passive ad revenue.

And as soon as you’ve got an audience and can push out consistent content, brands will start finding you for opportunities rather than the other way around. That’s too income streams you’ve just secured from the seedling of a passion project.

See how quickly an unspotted opportunity can snowball into a success story? 

In Sum…

Opportunity is everywhere. The question is whether or not you’re willing to take away your tunnel vision and search for it. Sometimes you miss opportunities that have been before you all along. And sometimes, that would-be missed opportunity is the foundation for your success as an entrepreneur. 

So this week, ask yourself what’s out there for you. And whatever you’re doing now to seek out opportunities, challenge yourself to go further. Push past your doubts and find the golden nuggets in everything you pursue, create, and, of course, sell.