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Free and Quick Way To Match Amazon Reviews to Variations When Buying Wholesale

As entrepreneurs, we yearn to do everything ourselves. Find our own products, maintain our own finances, write our own checks, and hustle the way only we can hustle. However, for the sake of your valuable time, sometimes you need to entrust the help of a few products.

For instance, have you ever found a great product on Amazon but struggled to determine which variation of the product is the true top-seller? You’ve probably clicked through each variation to see which flavor or color or size has the most reviews.

If so, congrats on suiting up and doing your due diligence. But there’s a simpler way, and it’s called ReviewMeta


If you’ve ever used ReviewMeta, you may be wondering how a tool designed to weed out fake reviews can help you sort through variations. Well, when you’re on ReviewMeta and you’ve selected a product to analyze, you can refresh the data and click on SEE PRODUCT VARIATIONS. 

This shows you the breakdown of each variation based on the number of reviews it has received. Of course, the more reviews an item has, the more it’s likely selling, so ReviewMeta is an easy way to quickly pinpoint top sellers. 

Sometimes ReviewMeta won’t tell you exactly which variation has the most reviews so you’ll have to do a little digging. Start by finding the product’s ASIN. Just hover your mouse over the product image and there you’ll see the trusted ASIN. Once you’ve got it, head back to the data page and match the ASIN with the top-selling variation. 

And if you’re really looking for that quick convenient fix, ReviewMeta has a chrome plugin. The next time you’re on Amazon, simply click that blue and white R and head straight to the ultimate review analysis. 


Building an Amazon business is all about the details. While finding a profitable product is incredibly exciting, before you order a bulky batch, look closer. Is the variation you’re buying truly a top-selling variation, or is the red watch the real winner? ReviewMeta is here to save you the financial heartache and send you in the (red) direction. 

And if you’re struggling with shortcuts because you’re an entrepreneur through-and-through, take this as a sign to give yourself a break and let 21st-century tech take over. You deserve a little help from time-to-time.

Happy selling everybody.