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How to find Wholesale Suppliers At a Trade Show, Wisconsin Sports Show

Going to a trade show or expo is a great way to find suppliers. I found lots of new products, new suppliers and unique products I could get listed on Amazon. Possibly even some new exclusive rights with brands.

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Video Transcription:

Todd Welch here with Amazon Seller School live at the Wisconsin sports show in Eau Claire Wisconsin. And I’m here today looking for wholesale suppliers of products and specifically what I’m going to do, I’m going to go around to all of these booths and just going to talk with some of the people and take pictures of different products that I want to look up later. And specially what I’m looking for is a new products that I can sell well on Amazon and currently are not selling on Amazon that I can possibly get an exclusive agreement with them so that I can be the only seller on Amazon and push that product. So it’s wholesale but kind of like private label and that and I’ll be the only person who is selling that product and I have exclusive rights to sell it on Amazon.

So that’s what I’m doing here today. I’m going to go around to all the booths, talk to some people, find new products to sell and I recommend you do it as well if you have a target niche that you are focusing on. For me, I’m in the sports & outdoor niche, so that’s what I’m looking for more products to sell on Amazon. It’s the great place to do it. Get tons of new products. Find different companies that I would not have found otherwise just by taking pictures of the products and checking out their websites later. Really good idea. I highly recommend to check it out.  Now let me just flip it around I will show you the venue here.

You can see lots of booths, lots of stuff. Fishing stuff,  hunting stuff, hiking stuff. And I am sure that I will find some new products in here because there is a lot of booths for me to go through.

So that’s it for now.  This is Todd Welch signing off, Amazon Seller School. Make sure to let me know on the comments how you find your wholesale suppliers. And also subscribe to the channel and like this video for me, it will help me create more of these videos for free and let you know more information how to do wholesale private label and retail arbitrage. Talk to you later.