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How To… Finding Wholesale Suppliers Wisconsin Fishing Expo

Are you looking for new wholesale suppliers? Going to a trade show or expo is a great way to find suppliers. I found literally close to 100 potential new suppliers and many unique products I could get listed on Amazon.

Video Transcription:

What’s up everybody? I’m here at the Wisconsin fishing expo looking for new wholesale products. So, if you’re out there and you’re looking for wholesale products to sell on Amazon, going to an expo like this one here, is a great idea to find new products and new things that you can sell on Amazon. Very likely to find things that are not selling on Amazon or not very many people are currently selling on Amazon.


So I highly recommend you check out expos’ like this you can see tons of different booths and this is just the first level. On the second level of stuff here as well, tons of fishing equipment which is the space that I am focusing on because what I know to make bundles and different kits to sell on Amazon.


So, yeah get out there, get to some expos in the target niche that you’re focusing on and find some products to sell on there. Best luck! This is Todd Welch from Amazon Seller School. Happy selling everybody!