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How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Quick With Minimal Risk

Selling on Amazon may sound like an exciting opportunity. But sometimes the thought of launching a product from scratch or hitting your local Walmart to flip backpacks on-sale doesn’t sound appealing. In other words, you’re ready to grind, but you can’t risk it all or endure the (physical) sweat of moving through five different Dollar stores just for a dollar-thin margin. Luckily, you’ve got an alternative option.

Phone A Friend

Find a company or a friend who sells but doesn’t sell on Amazon. Maybe you’ve got personal ties to a mid-size clothing brand or your neighbor sells jewelry but hasn’t taken the Amazon plunge. Here’s an opportunity to sell a product without creating one from the ground up or sorting through T-shirts at Goodwill. The product lives and breathes and just needs a savvy seller to help it succeed online.

Because some people are Amazon shy. And if you know someone isn’t selling on the number one e-commerce platform, offer your exclusive services in exchange for an exclusive seller agreement. Not everyone wants to learn how Amazon works. So having someone take the learning curve off their shoulders is incredibly valuable. In fact, Todd did just that with a close cousin and even found a reseller agreement online to base their agreement off of. Nothing fancy, formal, or time-sucking.

Agreement Options

You can purchase products wholesale. But you can also propose simply selling the products on Amazon. Then perfect the listings, boost sales, and ask for a percentage in return. 

Remember to always set Amazon expectations. Walk brands or friends through the Amazon rules, remind them that investing in advertising is necessary, help them build out an email list, and get sales moving quickly to boost their Amazon ranking. Be realistic with your numbers and realistic with your time frame. Because despite the stellar traffic, Amazon is a puzzle that still takes practice, patience, and persistence. 

Brainstorm Today

Bottom line? If you’re ready to dive into e-commerce quickly, think about who’s around you. Is it a local business that’s afraid to go online? A friend selling hats on Etsy who needs help taking the Amazon plunge? 

Opportunity is always out there. You just have to reach out and take it.

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