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How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon as a Seller

Todd sells over $44,000 per month and maintains a staggering 99% positive feedback rating on Amazon. How? A few simple steps will delete negative feedback which helps Todd win the buy box. So if you’ve been ignoring negative reviews and have got no clue how to move past those pesky three-star ratings, stay tuned.

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is developing a detail-oriented mindset. For example, small hiccups like a few poor reviews can affect your ability to make serious sales on Amazon. 

Step I. Check Your Feedback

The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. Head to Seller Central and click the PERFORMANCE & FEEDBACK TAB to view your feedback and overall rating. Remember, even a neutral three-star rating can dramatically ding you.

Step II. Copy Your Order ID

In Seller Central under VIEW CURRENT FEEDBACK, copy your Order ID. As a reminder, per Amazon’s policy, negative feedback can only be in response to you as a seller or company. In other words, the feedback must be related to how the sales process went. It can’t be about the product itself. 

Step III. Request To Remove It

On Seller Central head to Help → Contact Us → Selling On Amazon → My Issue Isn’t Listed → Customer & Orders (paste your Order ID) → Select Customer Feedback Removal Request → Verify that the feedback you want to be removed is correctly listed.

Todd recommends removing any feedback that is three stars or lower. Once you complete the above process, Amazon will often automatically remove the feedback depending on how obvious the violation is. If the feedback isn’t obviously about the product (or is something besides the sales process) it may take a bit longer and may need to be removed manually.

Now when you head back to Seller Central, the removed feedback should be crossed out.


So you’ve got one or two poor reviews. Who cares? Well, Amazon considers your feedback rating whenever you’re gunning for the buy box. And it makes sense. Amazon wants to make sure they can trust the seller who’s winning the buy box and subsequent sales. The easiest way to build trust with Amazon is to build your feedback rating. Having a high feedback rating will also help you get ungated for certain products. 

In sum, the more you can sell and the more you can win the buy box, the more money you’ll make on Amazon and the closer you’ll be to reaching those entrepreneurial goals. 

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Video Transcript

What’s up everybody?  In this video I’m going to show you how you can get negative feedback remove from your seller account, this is how I’ve sold over $44,000 a month on Amazon and maintained a 99 to 100% positive feedback on my account. By having a high feedback rating on your account it helps you stay in the buy box and sell more every month. Stay tuned.

So here I am logged into my seller central account, I’m under the Performance and Feedback tab here. Which brings me to all of my feedback. So you can see right now I’ve got a 98% rating for 30 days, lifetime 99% and the reason I only have 99% and 98% is because I have this one neutral feedback here that I want to get removed. You can see I’ve got almost no negative feedback only 2 in my entire lifetime of selling which has been over a couple of years. And I’m going to go ahead and should be able to get rid of this neutral feedback which is going to bump my positive rating up. What you gonna to want to do is go down and find the negative feedback that is there and that’s this one here it’s a number 3.

Now, feedback is supposed to only be feedback about me as a company or as a sales person, how the sales process went. And this one here, “the product bent on first fish caught”. This is obviously a product review. It’s a review of the product that I sold this customer, it is not a review of me as a seller. So I’m going to go ahead and get this removed.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is copy your order ID which is right over here at the right, so just select that and copy that. And then were going to go ahead and go to help, and “contact us”, go to Selling on Amazon, “My issue isn’t listed”, “Customers and Orders” paste that order ID right in here, click next and we’re going to want to select “Customer feedback removal request” and click next just verify that you have the right one that you want to remove, I recommend removing anything 3 stars or less you only want those positive feedback in there. So if possible remove the neutral and any negatives that you get. Click next and now quite often, Amazon is just going to go ahead and automatically remove that feedback for you. So you can see here “after our review it was in violation of our feedback guidelines therefore we remove the inappropriate entry”. It doesn’t always remove it automatically for you, it kinda depends on how obvious it was a product review or not seller feedback. Sometimes it’s going to have to go through a little manual review by Amazon but most often they will remove it for you if it wasn’t specifically about the seller experience. So anything not about the seller experience you can get that removed from your account.

Now if I go back to my feedback, you’re going to see here the one with 3 stars is now crossed out. “It said this item was fulfilled by Amazon we take responsibility for the fulfillment experience”. You can see my positive rating is 100% for the past 30 days, my lifetime is still at 99% because of a few that were actually seller feedback but I have been able to maintain this 99% positive.

Now this is very important to get the negative and neutral feedback removed from your account because Amazon uses your feedback rating as one of the factors to determine how often you get the buy box. And then also it makes it easier for you to get unlocked for gated categories or gated products. So it is very important to keep your feedback rating high so that you can have the trust of the customer and the trust of Amazon. Amazon sees your feedback rating as a guideline of trust for them. If you have a high feedback rating and you maintain a high feedback rating they know that they can trust you. Follow the procedures in this video and you’d be much better off to sell higher amounts on Amazon and make the profit and the money you want to make on there easier.

So now it’s your turn, down below in the comments, let me know how many negative feedback this video helped you get removed and what your feedback rating is. And while you are down there, click the subscribe button or just click this right here to subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any more great tips like the ones in this video. And also  you can check out some other great videos right here that should help you grow your Amazon business, sell more, make more profit.

This Todd Welch with Amazon Seller School signing off, happy selling everybody!