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How To Triple Your Retail Arbitrage Purchases (Symcode Barcode Scanner Review and Giveaway)

Have you ever used a little black book? Something you grab when you’re searching for an address or a phone number or an email from ten years ago? Maybe, or maybe the only black book you’ve ever owned is an iPhone. Well, when it comes to retail arbitrage, your secret weapon actually comes in a little black box. It’s called a Symcode Barcode scanner, and, if used correctly, can save you precious time and money in your retail arbitrage outings. 

How It Works

For just $50, you can double or triple your retail arbitrage productivity. All you have to do is connect the scanner to your phone, hit the button, and watch as it scans every barcode.  

How To Connect

To get going, grab the user manual, conveniently included with every scanner. First, flip to the page that explains how to match your phone system with the Bluetooth enabled PC terminal. Once you scan that barcode printed on that same page, the system will connect to your phone. 

So turn on your scanner and get it into Bluetooth pairing mode. To do so, click the power button and hold down the button below for eight seconds. You’ll know it’s in the correct mode when the lights start flashing. 

Next, head into the Bluetooth settings on your phone (in a different spot depending on whether you’ve got an Android or an iPhone) and click on pair new device. Your phone should find the Symcode Barcode scanner. Select the label that says Symcode Barcode HID and there you go, you’re all set and connected. You’ll know the device is connected when the lights stop flashing. 

How To Use

Now open your app of choice – Todd uses Scoutify – and use the scanner to scan the barcode of any given product. From the barcode, apps like Scoutify will immediately pull valuable Amazon info so you can make the best product choices possible, fast. 

Create Convenience 

For even faster retail arbitrage, try velcroing the scanner to the outside of your phone case and scan with just one hand. 


Doubling or tripling your purchases per store may sound like a fantasy. With the Symcode Barcode scanner, that fantasy becomes a reality. Hopefully this tutorial inspired you to take your retail arbitrage game to the next level. Once you start building that momentum on Amazon, anything is possible. 

As always, happy selling everybody. 

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What’s up everybody?  Today I’m going to show you how you can double or triple your retail arbitrage purchases per store by giving one little device stay tuned.

That’s right, the sim bluetooth barcode scanner, doubled or tripled the number of purchases I get per store when I’m out doing retail arbitrage. And the reason is, because I can scan a lot more products with this little baby in a much shorter amount of time and a lot easier to get it done.

So this little guy is available for sale on Amazon for only $50 which is well worth the price for the amount of speed it adds to your retail arbitrage scanning. With this little guy,  you can connect it to your phone and all you gotta do is just hit the button and scan any barcode in the store and it immediately feeds into your phone with whatever app using. I use Scoutify and it goes really quickly much quicker than using the camera on your phone. It’s going to help you speed up the amount of things that you can see and allow you to find a lot more things that you can sell.

So let me show you quick how to set it setup on your phone. So conveniently this little guy comes with a nice user manual to get you started. And what you’re going want to do is open that manual, flip to this page that says “Matches Android IOS system phone or pc with Bluetooth.  Basically, what this is, this is the barcodes that you’re going to want to scan to get this little guy connected to your phone. So, the first thing you’re going want to do, turn on the scanner and then get it into Bluetooth pairing mode, which is turn on the power button hold down for 8 seconds 3..4..8.. and now we’ve got the flashing lights which means it’s in Bluetooth pairing mode. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and click on pair new device if you are on Android and should find the sim code “Barcode Scanner”. So right there, Barcode Scanner hid, go ahead and select that and we are now connected to the Barcode Scanner hid. Which means, we can now scan something and it’s going to show up on our phone.

I have opened Scoutify now with the barcode scanner connected. So I’m going to go ahead and scan a book that I have here. And, that fast, just pulls it right up.  If I grab something else you can see it immediately pulls that up very fast, very quick, works every time, highly recommend getting this little barcode scanner

Now, what I did, in addition to getting the barcode scanner, I actually got another case for my phone and on the back, I put some velcro and on the back here, I also put some velcro. All I have to do is keep this on this case and I can just slap my phone right in there and I got the barcode scanner attached to it, makes it really easy for one-handed operation to make things go as fast as possible while you’re in the store.

So now it’s your turn to double or triple your retail arbitrage purchases per store and I’m going to go ahead and give one of these scanners away. Just find the link down below in the note to sign up and win one of these bad boys. 50 bucks you can win it otherwise if you just want to buy one outright, I  have a link down below as well for you to purchase that. That’s going to be an affiliate link for Amazon. So if you buy through that, I’ll get a little kickback and I’ll help keep this show going for free.

I’d really appreciate it but sign up down below to win one of these babies as well. Hopefully you’ll be the lucky Amazon seller that gets one of this barcode scanners.

This is Todd Welch, Amazon Seller School signing off.  Thanks for tuning in and have a great day! Happy selling everybody.