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Just Say No To Get Rich Quick And 10X Your Goals To Build Your Business and Get Rich

Getting rich takes time and hard work so get out of your head to get rich quick because if you think like that you will never get rich. Stop looking for how to get rich quick and start building a business. Then 10X your business goals to put yourself in a mindset to build your business beyond what it currently is.


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Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up everybody?  Just wanted to jump on here quick and share a couple of thoughts that I had while I was out driving this morning.

First is,  just get out of your head about the get quick rich, get rich quick schemes that are out there. I was browsing Youtube this morning looking for some tips on selling on Amazon and lots of garbage out  there for get rich quick and just get that out of your head right away. Getting rich takes time, it takes work and it takes effort.  So make sure you go into with what that mentality and you’re going to be a lot better off.

Number 2 is, 10X your goals!  And what I mean by that is my goal for this year for selling online is 1 million dollars  was my initial goal. And then, I went ahead and I 10X that and I said my goal for this year is gonna be 10 million dollars.  And what that does is, it just puts you in a whole different mindset. Really makes you think about it differently because the systems that I have in place today would get me to 1 million dollars, I could do that, but instead, I’m thinking about getting to 10 million dollars in understanding the limitations of my systems and learning how to redo, figuring out how to redo my systems to get to that 10 million dollars goal. So I’m out today doing a little shopping.  Going to look at some ways that I can upgrade my warehouse and inventorying system to shoot for that 10 million dollars and make my systems better, easier, quicker to be able to hit that goal. Like I said that 1 million goal I initially set,  I can hit that with my current systems but instead by setting the 10 million dollars goal, 10X it, it’s making me think of ways that I can go further than what I initially would have thought.

So tip right there, 10X your goals & it will change your mind set on how you’re gonna go about your business and making things happening,  growing your business.  So do that. Let me know in the comments down below. What is your goal for this year and what is your 10X goal. And, what are you going to do to get there.

Let me know. Wanna hear from you.  Talk to you later.  Todd Welch with Amazon Seller School signing off.  Have a great day everybody!