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Most influencer-driven purchases happen on Amazon, new data shows.

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1. Most influencer-driven purchases happen on Amazon, new data shows.

A survey by Izea reveals that a significant 94% of social media users who purchased products promoted by influencers did so on Amazon. This emphasizes Amazon’s dominance in influencer-driven sales, potentially challenging platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which are attempting to integrate in-app purchasing. The report also highlights that influencers themselves prefer shopping on Amazon, and it is notably popular among consumers aged 45 to 60. Additional findings suggest that video content is particularly influential for the younger demographic, impacting their purchasing decisions on Amazon.

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2. Amazon’s Prime Day event is back this July

Amazon has announced its 10th annual Prime Day event, set for this July, promising some of the best deals of the summer exclusively for Prime members. Last year’s Prime Day was the largest ever, with Prime members purchasing over 375 million items and saving more than $2.5 billion. Amazon also boasted record delivery speeds in 2023. This year, the event aims to offer even more significant savings, particularly on back-to-school supplies, with the added convenience of fast, free shipping. Prime Day 2024 will be celebrated in multiple countries, including the U.S., UK, Germany, Japan, and more.

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3. Update to FedEx Shipping Methods on Amazon Buy Shipping

Amazon has announced updates to FedEx shipping methods available through Amazon Buy Shipping. The update includes the introduction of FedEx Ground Economy, previously known as FedEx SmartPost, and enhanced accessibility to FedEx One Rate. FedEx Ground Economy caters to small and medium-sized businesses, offering a cost-effective solution for shipping low-weight packages to residential addresses across the U.S., with delivery times ranging from 2 to 7 business days. Meanwhile, FedEx One Rate provides a more straightforward approach with predictable costs, allowing sellers to select from a variety of packaging options or use their own, with dimensions converted to flat rate categories.

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4. Optimizing Amazon Listing Rankings Through URL Adjustments

Steven Pope, founder of, recently shared insights into how Amazon URLs affect listing rankings. In his latest post, Pope emphasizes the significance of tweaking URLs by strategically using keywords to enhance ranking positions on Amazon. He explains that even minor adjustments to URLs can substantially boost a listing’s visibility and searchability. Pope also provides practical tips on how anyone can implement these changes without needing advanced technical skills. Join the discussion or share your own URL strategies by commenting on his post.

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5. Amazon’s Pricing Policy Criticized for Contributing to Inflation

Brandon Fishman, CEO at VitaCup, Inc., has raised concerns about Amazon’s pricing strategies and their effects on broader market inflation. According to him, Amazon’s aggressive fee increases for sellers and stringent price-matching policies, especially with competitors like Target and Walmart, are forcing widespread price hikes across retail platforms. This practice has pushed many top companies to raise prices, further spurred by Amazon’s policy of matching prices even from membership sites like Costco. Fishman predicts that consumer prices will continue to rise if Amazon maintains these policies, potentially leading to significant economic repercussions. He calls for a change, suggesting that legal actions might prompt a shift in Amazon’s approach.

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6. Amazon’s Advertising Revenue Surges 24% in First Quarter

Amazon’s advertising business saw a 24% increase in revenue, reaching $11.8 billion in the first quarter of 2024, surpassing analysts’ expectations. This growth marks a significant boost for Amazon as it becomes a pivotal force in the digital advertising market, especially as online retail and cloud computing show signs of slowing growth. The overall digital advertising sector is witnessing a rebound, with major players like Meta, Alphabet, and Snap also reporting substantial revenue gains. Amazon’s total revenue for the quarter was $143.3 billion, a 13% increase from the previous year, highlighting the increasing role of ad revenue in Amazon’s financial strategy.

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7. FTC Alleges Jeff Bezos and Amazon Execs Deleted Texts Regarding Sensitive Business Matters

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has accused Amazon executives, including Jeff Bezos, of discussing sensitive business issues over an encrypted messaging app and erasing those messages, according to a recent filing. These allegations arise amidst an ongoing antitrust lawsuit initiated by the FTC against Amazon in September, claiming the company engaged in monopolistic practices. The FTC’s concerns highlight the use of the Signal app for confidential communications from April 2019 to May 2022, a period during which Amazon was under FTC investigation. Amazon has countered, stating that the lawsuit’s claims could harm consumers and third-party sellers by potentially driving up prices.

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8. Amazon Introduces New Price Discounts Dashboard for Global Sellers

Amazon has launched a new Price Discounts tool allowing sellers to offer discounted prices globally on limited quantities for up to 30 days to help clear inventory and boost sales. The Price Discounts dashboard provides detailed performance metrics, such as sales revenue, units sold, glance views, conversion rates, and sell-through rates, aiding sellers in analyzing the impact of their discounted pricing strategies. Features of this tool include the ability to run discounts globally, set limits on the duration and quantity of discounted units, and gain insights into performance by region and specific Amazon store. This tool is particularly useful for managing excess inventory of seasonal or perishable items.

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9. Amazon Fined $10.7 Million by Italian Antitrust Authority Over ‘Subscribe and Save’ Program

Italy’s antitrust authority has imposed a $10.7 million fine on Amazon for unfair practices related to its “Subscribe and Save” program. The Italian Competition Authority criticized Amazon for setting recurring deliveries as the default option, a tactic seen as limiting consumer choice by inducing periodic purchases without a real need. Amazon, which plans to appeal the decision, argues that the program offers significant savings and convenience to customers. This legal challenge is not Amazon’s first in Italy, following a $1.3 billion fine in 2021 for allegedly forcing sellers to use its logistics service.

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10. Amazon Breaking Seller News: Easing Low Inventory Fees

Steven Pope of shares important updates regarding Amazon’s low inventory fees. The transition period for these fees has been extended to May 14, providing some relief for sellers. Seasonal products and items nearing the end of their lifecycle will see exemptions if they’ve sold fewer than 20 units in the past week. Amazon also commits to crediting fees for delays caused by their own processing errors, a policy taking effect by the 15th of the following month. Moreover, sellers participating in Prime Day with special deals like lightning or best deals will not face low inventory fees during the event. However, Pope criticizes the overall fee structure as a “seller tax” that ultimately impacts consumers with potential price increases.

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11. Time Doctor – Amazon VA Time Tracking

We use a tool called Time Doctor to keep track of our Amazon virtual assistants and how long they work. It’s like a stopwatch for work! With this software, we can see when our assistants are working and on what tasks. This helps us know that we’re paying them for the right amount of time and that they’re staying focused. It also lets us see if there are ways we can help them work better or faster on our Amazon projects.

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