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Amazon News Roundtable: Key Insights and Updates for Sellers

Join us for the latest episode of our live Amazon News Roundtable, where we delve into the most pressing updates and insights for Amazon sellers.

Our expert panel features:

  • Kevin Sanderson, VP of Marketing at My Amazon Guy
  • Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting
  • Rachel Greer, Founder of Troveres
  • And of course your host, me, Todd Welch



Hot Topics in This Episode

Navigating Amazon’s Image Policies: Risks and Rewards

Our panel discusses the controversial practice of adding extra content to Amazon images. Learn about the potential risks, including listing suppression, and how big brands are getting away with it. Gain insights from Rachel Greer on ensuring compliance and optimizing your images without crossing the line.

Walmart’s Foray into Collectibles and Used Items

Leslie Henel shares her thoughts on Walmart’s new initiative to allow collectible and used items on their platform. We explore how this move could challenge eBay and attract a new segment of sellers, potentially reshaping the online retail landscape.

Amazon’s Lead Generation Ads: A Game-Changer?

Kevin Sanderson breaks down Amazon’s latest venture into lead generation ads. Discover how this new advertising option aims to compete with Facebook and Google, and whether it’s a viable strategy for typical Amazon sellers.

The Impact of Low Inventory Fees on Sellers

Rachel Greer and our panel examine Amazon’s new low inventory fee. Understand the implications for your business, how to manage inventory more effectively, and the challenges posed by Amazon’s fluctuating policies.

Shien and Temu’s Effect on Air Freight and Product Safety

Explore the impact of Shien and Temu on air freight rates and the broader implications for product safety and fair competition. Leslie Henel highlights the challenges posed by these marketplaces and the need for stricter regulations.

In Conclusion

This roundtable provided a deep dive into the latest Amazon news, offering practical advice and strategies for sellers. From navigating image policies and inventory management to understanding new advertising opportunities and competitive challenges, our expert panel covered it all. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with these invaluable insights.

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