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Why I Left a $90,000+ Job To Become An Online Entrepreneur and How You Can As Well

In this episode of the Amazon Seller School podcast, Todd Welch shares his story of building a successful business from scratch and provides tips and tricks for selling on Amazon.

You will learn why the host started the podcast.

“Success is yours if you take it.”

I’m Todd Welch, and this is the story of my Amazon Seller School. I’ve been working in the computer industry since 1994, when I was just 14 years old. I started my first business in 2006, and by 2016 we had three retail stores and were doing quite well. But I wanted more than that. I wanted to be my own boss and set my own hours. So I started experimenting with Amazon, and by 2018 I was selling around $30-45,000 per month. I made the jump to Amazon full time in January 2018, but I quickly realized that I had jumped too soon. I wasn’t making enough money to support myself, so I took another job and started rolling the profits back into my Amazon business. I’m currently selling around $60,000

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Todd Welch went from running a computer repair business out of his basement to selling almost $
2. Per month on Amazon
3. Why Amazon is a good platform for selling products and how to find profitable products to sell
4. How to set goals as an entrepreneur and why it’s important to have big goals
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Video Transcription: 

What’s up everybody? Welcome to Amazon Seller School. I’m Todd Welch, glad you could be here and stay tuned because I’m gonna tell you today why I left a $90,000 plus year job to be an entrepreneur once again.

Alright! glad you stuck around and that’s right, I left a $90,000 plus year job as an IT manager to once again be an entrepreneur so I just want to tell you a little bit about why I’m doing that and what has inspired me to do that. Now, just like a lot of you there I’ve been an entrepreneur in the past. I ran a computer repair shops with my business partner Carlos. It was called TC Tech’s computers. It’s still in business. I sold my share of the business to one of our employees at the time and ran that for 10 years, had a lot of fun fixing computers and stuff but it was time for me to move on so I left that business and took a position starting out as a system administrator for Clark County and moving up to be the IT manager. Now this is a position that I probably could have stayed in for the rest of my life if I wanted to, it make very good money but I found out that the 95 just really wasn’t for me and entrepreneurialism is in my blood and I needed to get back to it. So after about a year and a half to two years of that job I’ve decided to leave it.

And starting 2018, beginning of the year, I am becoming a full-time entrepreneur and I’ve really was encouraged by following a few people that I really enjoy and who I hope to live up to and inspire to what they have become and what they encourage other people to become. And who I’m talking about, you may know you may not, if you don’t, I recommend checking them out. But it all started over at Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn who really got me interested into the online space and doing passive income stuff.

Now, back when I was fourteen, fifteen, I started a website called where I had a lot of different things for teenagers to do, chat rooms, video games and newsletters and stuff like that. I was making a few hundred dollars a month but that was at the beginning of the internet experience really where it was really easy. I was getting paid like one or two dollars just to sign someone up for a newsletter. So that didn’t last, that kind of faded and I moved away from the online stuff. And I’m really getting back into it now again with Pat Flynn over at smart passive income. Really got me interested into this online space again and learning more information about it.

So that led me over to a niche pursuits which is run by a guy named Spencer Hawes. Excellent information on building niche website. And niche websites are basically, you find a niche on using Google searches or whatever that is maybe underserved. And you create a website, you create content and you use affiliate links usually Amazon to generate income from that niche website. So using the information he gave me, I built a niche website making about five hundred dollars a month now and that’s been over the course of a little over a year that, that’s been generating. So I’m looking at making more of those websites make more money there.

And from there, that led me over to a gentleman named Scott Volker over the amazing Now what he talks about is creating your own private label products to sell on Amazon using Amazon FBA. And that’s the biggest part of my business, not so much the private label which I’m still working on getting products for private label. I’ve got a couple products, they’re going okay, not great. I’m looking at making those better, making more products to sell.

But, where I’m really starting to shine is wholesale and retail arbitrage on Amazon. Retail arbitrage is buying clearance items from stores, reselling them for a higher price on Amazon. Wholesale is buying products from established companies and businesses and reselling them on Amazon to the consumer. That’s doing really good for me, on that I’m averaging right now about 30plus thousand dollars a month that I’m selling between the retail arbitrage, wholesale and the private label. Retail arbitrage and wholesale make up about 75-80 plus percent of that, private label maybe 10-15% of that and I’m looking to grow private label as we go on though.

And so those are the 3 guys that really helped me get going on this Amazon Seller School. Really get interested in doing the online space again and get me started so if you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend checking them out. Check out their websites smartpassiveincome. com, and the and of course subscribe to my YouTube channel and click that little bell there as well because I am going to be giving you great information on my journey so you can learn from me and hopefully you help you do the same kind of thing or whatever it is that you want to do give you encouragement to do that.

And that’s really why I’m making this channel, Amazon Seller School is going to be all about my adventure and trying to help you in your adventure and get going so that you can build a business, have the freedom that I have, millions of others have and lots of people are looking to have. And you can do it! Everyone can do it! If you really want to, all you have to do is have drive and be willingness to put the time and effort to make it happen and I hope that I can help you.

Thank you very much for tuning in to the Amazon Seller School. Like I said, hit that subscribe button down below click that little bell so you get a notification when there’s new videos that come out so you don’t miss anything and yeah I look forward to this adventure with you.

Thank you and have a great day!