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WorldWide Brands Review, How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon FBA, Shopify, Dropshipping

As a new seller, shifting through products and suppliers can feel tedious, overwhelming, and downright stressful. Amazon Wholesale is truly a grind and no one should convince you otherwise. Nevertheless, there are products available to help minimize confusion and time-sucking rookie mistakes. 

For instance, have you ever taken the time to contact a supplier only to realize that you can’t sell their products on Amazon or eBay? Have you ever opened an account only to realize the company doesn’t have the best reputation and their e-commerce sales show it? 

Well known in the e-commerce world, WorldWide Brands is a website geared towards helping sellers like you avoid costly mistakes while simplifying what can be an incredibly overwhelming process. Today, Todd’s diving into the service to see if it’s worth the hype. Stay tuned. 

What Is It? 

In a nutshell, WorldWide Brands is a large, searchable directory of suppliers. The service makes sure each supplier listed is a legitimate supplier so you’re not wasting time with scam artists. With options to filter by supplier type and category, the site helps you quickly find suppliers that are right for your business. Once you find a supplier, fill out a quick form that automatically emails the supplier your contact information. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

How To Use It

Once you’ve ordered the service, the home page will show Featured Suppliers who’ve paid to appear towards the top and Newest Suppliers. Todd primarily uses the service to source new suppliers and grow his ever-expanding list of contacts. The site also offers educational classes and a newsletter with great information. 

Get Started

Before you start searching, head to My Account and fill out all of your contact information. This information is what the site will send suppliers when you’re ready to contact them. 


Search Certified Wholesalers is where you’ll search for suppliers; the real meat and potatoes of this service. The site gives you a nice snapshot of each supplier. See where they’re allowed to sell products – Amazon, eBay, Online Store. If they’re not authorized to sell on Amazon you can bet they won’t take on Amazon sellers. If they’re not authorized, quickly weed them out and move on with your search. 


Filtering options allow you to sort by type of supplier, location, and category. As a wholesale seller, Todd filters by light bulk. These suppliers sell quantities that aren’t enormous but are more than a single item – typically a case or pack purchase is required. 

You can also sort by location. Todd doesn’t specify the US because Canadian suppliers will often sell to US sellers. 

As mentioned in previous videos, zeroing in on a category is a great way to dig through products and find potential suppliers. Sort suppliers form a variety of categories including Food & Drinks, Health & Beauty, Art, Collectibles, and so much more.


Once you’ve found a product that looks promising, click on See Full Details. This gives you immediate information about a company, from address and phone number to shipping regions and comments about the company. You can even see the company’s terms. Todd looks for suppliers that offer Net 30. Especially important in wholesale, Net 30 means you can probably sell products before you need to pay for them. Because wholesale is a cash-intensive business, you have to stay ahead of your cash flow and this is a great way to do so.

Pro Tip – Todd recommends using a credit card specifically for your business that offers 2% cash back. If they allow Net 30, charge products to your credit card. Now you have an extra 30 days to pay for the product out-of-pocket. Just make sure you’re not rolling charges into the next month and collecting interest as that defeats the purpose. The goal is to pay off the entire card each month so you’re not paying interest but have an extra month to pay for the products. Plus, you’re snagging 2% off. 


After some research, you’re ready to contact suppliers and hopefully open accounts. Once you scroll to Additional Account Setup Information, every supplier has a link to their site where you can open an account. They might also have a form you can fill out right on WorldWide Brands. As mentioned before, the form will auto-fill with the contact information you previously provided in your account setup.

Once you fill out the form, click Submit My Information and the supplier will automatically receive an email with your information letting them know that you’re interested in opening an account. 

Go The Extra Mile

Suppliers often respond within a few days to a week, but they’re not always responsive. If you’re serious about wholesale and ready to set yourself apart from the rest, follow-up with suppliers. Try emailing again or, better yet, calling. It often takes a seller willing to hop on the phone and build that relationship to seal the deal. 

Keep Going!

Wholesale is a rejection game as much as it is a numbers game. As you contact suppliers, prepare yourself for No after No and lists of lackluster products. Don’t let that discourage you! If you keep digging, you will find those golden nuggets and reach the success on Amazon you’ve been working so diligently for. 

And once you do find suppliers, run product lists through software systems like AMZ Analyzer. Check out Todd’s AMZ Analyzer review here

Additional Suppliers

For some reason, WorldWide Brands doesn’t let you filter by every supplier type on the left-hand side bar. However, like everything else in life, there’s a loophole. If you head to the search bar at the top and click the dropdown menu you can view additional supplier types. Choose from import deals, or deals imported from other countries, liquidation auctions, or places where you can bid on liquidated products, large volume, or wholesale suppliers selling in large quantities, and liquidation wholesalers, or places selling clearance products in bulk. Just remember that with liquidation auctions and wholesalers, while products are cheap, you’ll likely find plenty of junk products alongside a few golden nuggets. 

Once you click into a supplier type, you can search by category and continue deep diving into different products.


So…is WorldWide Brands worth it? According to Todd, yes and no. WorldWide Brands gives you great access to a ton of legitimate wholesale suppliers which saves you hours of manpower. However, a lot of sellers have access to the same lists. It’s also possible to find suppliers via Google or sorting through products in-store. Todd recommends using the site to source new suppliers and add to what should be your ever-expanding library of contacts. 

Hopefully this gave you some great insight into WorldWide Brands and the best ways to hunt for great suppliers. For more information, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out other value-packed videos. 

Happy selling everybody. 


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