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Sellers Worry over New Amazon Return Policy

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1. Sellers Worry over New Amazon Return Policy

Amazon’s new return policy allows buyers to request an instant replacement for items that are damaged, defective, or different from what was ordered, raising concerns among sellers about potential misuse. The policy, which was implemented with little notice, requires buyers to return the original item within 30 days to avoid being charged. Sellers fear this change could lead to issues with buyers requesting replacements for reasons such as wanting a different size or color, which would not resolve under the new system. The policy aims to streamline the return process across all Amazon’s fulfillment options but has prompted requests from sellers to keep the process simple and just offer returns for refunds.

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2. Your Guide to Amazon Brand Story

Amazon’s Brand Story feature allows registered brand sellers to showcase their brand’s narrative and highlights within their product listings, offering a deeper connection with customers. It’s a form of A+ Content that extends across various products under the same brand, enhancing brand visibility and fostering customer trust. Brand Story not only enables storytelling and product showcasing but also contributes to SEO and can potentially increase listing rankings. Sellers can utilize this free feature to create a carousel of modules highlighting different aspects of their brand and products, which can lead to increased customer engagement and potentially higher sales. However, it’s recommended to use this feature judiciously, keeping the content visual, concise, and focused on what makes the brand unique.

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3. Amazon to Face FTC Antitrust Trial in 2026

Amazon is set to go to trial in October 2026 for an antitrust lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 17 state attorneys general. The lawsuit accuses Amazon of exploiting its retail platform’s power to manipulate prices and disadvantage third-party sellers. The case gained further attention when it was revealed that Amazon executives allegedly destroyed two years’ worth of communications, which could have impacted the investigation. Additionally, the FTC has spotlighted “Project Nessie,” a program they claim allowed Amazon to covertly generate over $1 billion in extra profit. This legal action could potentially lead to discussions about breaking up the company, as Amazon’s expansion into various sectors has raised concerns over its dominance and competitive practices.

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4. 2024 Insights: Online Consumer Trends You Can’t Ignore for Effective Marketing

The ecommerce landscape is evolving with consumers now exploring multiple marketplaces before making purchases, leading to a diversification of sales channels by sellers. The study by Rithum suggests that Amazon continues to be a trusted platform, but sellers are also finding success on other sites like eBay. In response to changing consumer behavior, including the impact of FOMO and a shift towards online shopping, sellers are advised to adapt by expanding their marketing strategies, enhancing customer service, and leveraging technology. Additionally, tackling the root causes of product returns and integrating shoppable features in social commerce are becoming critical for maintaining customer satisfaction and driving sales. Sellers are encouraged to stay adaptable and prioritize strategies that align with evolving consumer preferences to remain competitive in 2024.

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5. Amazon Sellers: Inventory Tips & Tactics For 2024 Success

For Amazon sellers, effective inventory management and understanding the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) are crucial for 2024. The IPI score influences storage capacity, affecting how much inventory can be sent to and stored in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) warehouses. Sellers are advised to improve their IPI score by addressing excess inventory, optimizing sell-through rates, managing stranded inventory, and ensuring in-stock inventory. Additionally, new sellers should start by sending small inventory quantities to understand demand and avoid excessive storage costs. Proactively managing inventory levels, adhering to Amazon’s storage utilization guidelines, and employing strategic tactics can lead to improved sales performance and maximized profitability on the platform.

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6. How to List Amazon Product Bundles in 2024

Amazon product bundles, which package two or more complementary products together in one listing, offer a way for sellers to provide value and convenience, ultimately improving the customer shopping experience. These bundles can range from grocery items for a movie night to a complete sparkling water kit, combining related items for ease of purchase. For sellers, creating bundles means unique listings under their brand, potentially leading to higher profitability and reduced competition, especially when bundling wholesale items from popular brands. The process involves thorough product research, identifying complementary items, and ensuring they sell well together. Sellers must navigate through creating custom bundles, adhering to Amazon’s bundle guidelines, obtaining a unique UPC for the bundle, and possibly creating custom packaging. While bundling presents opportunities like less competition and added buyer convenience, it also requires additional work, such as packaging and managing multiple wholesale accounts, and there’s no guarantee of customer demand for the bundled products.

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7. Amazon Market Watch: Super Bowl Commercials Spike Sales on Amazon

The Super Bowl not only captivated audiences with the Kansas City Chiefs’ win but also through its commercials, which proved to be a significant sales catalyst for featured brands on Amazon. Analysis from Jungle Scout Cobalt reveals that brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics, Nerds, Hellman’s, Poppi, Reese’s, Lindt, Skechers, Google, CeraVe, Dove, and Dunkin’ saw considerable sales increases on Amazon following their Super Bowl commercial airings. For instance, e.l.f. Cosmetics experienced a 182% surge in sales, largely attributed to their Judge Beauty commercial. Other brands showcased creative and engaging ads that not only entertained but effectively boosted product visibility and sales, highlighting the power of Super Bowl advertising in driving brand growth on platforms like Amazon.

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8. eBay Raises US Fees with Winter 2024 Seller Update

In the Winter 2024 Seller Update, eBay announced an increase in its transaction fee from 30 cents to 40 cents for transactions over $10, effective March 15, 2024. This change follows eBay’s Managed Payments rollout, combining payment processing with commission fees. The update also introduces new seller tools for business growth, enhanced transaction protections, and operational efficiency improvements like extended listing drafts. eBay aims to balance platform enhancements with fee adjustments, impacting seller pricing strategies.

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9. Etsy Crackdown on Scammers Includes $15 New-Shop Fee

Etsy is implementing new measures to combat scamming activities targeting its sellers. These include an enhanced identity verification process during shop setup, requiring new sellers to provide a photo ID and a selfie. Additionally, Etsy is introducing a one-time $15 shop setup fee for some new shops and is considering changes to payment schedules for new shops until they establish a sales history. The aim is to enhance security and verification processes, though it remains to be seen how these changes will prevent scammers from exploiting new sellers. Etsy is partnering with Persona for the secure handling of ID verification.

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