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Adding a Coupon to an ASIN Drives a 17.2% Increase in Search Visibility

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1. Adding a Coupon to an ASIN Drives a 17.2% Increase in Search Visibility

Coupons on Amazon increase immediate sales and significantly boost a product’s visibility in search results, according to a study by Momentum Commerce. Products with active coupons showed a 17.2% increase in organic page one appearance during promotion periods, with visibility remaining 10.6% higher even after the coupon ended. This sustained increase is likely due to Amazon’s algorithm favoring products with higher conversion rates, which are boosted by discounts. For brands, these findings suggest that incorporating coupons into marketing strategies can enhance both immediate and long-term search visibility on Amazon.

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2. No Second Chances?! How Amazon is Hurting Sellers

Amazon’s enforcement of its new reinstatement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is causing significant distress among sellers by requiring proof from them that they never violated the platform’s rules, a stark shift from its historic leniency and second-chance ethos. These changes, initiated by Seller Performance since January, demand sellers to “dispute only” without a chance to submit a traditional appeal including a Plan of Action. This pivot could lead to permanent suspensions for many sellers who cannot incontrovertibly prove their adherence to Amazon’s policies from the outset. Riverbend Consulting has developed strategies to assist sellers against these stringent enforcements, aiming to preserve fairness and opportunity on the platform.

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3. Amazon Introduces Returns Processing Fee for High-Return Products Starting June 2024

Starting June 1, 2024, Amazon will implement a new returns processing fee targeting products with high return rates to encourage better quality listings and reduce unnecessary returns. This fee applies to products exceeding category-specific return rate thresholds, with separate considerations for apparel and shoes. To avoid unexpected charges, sellers are advised to monitor their return rates using Amazon’s tools like the SKU Economics and FBA Returns page. Effective strategies include optimizing product listings and utilizing customer feedback to minimize returns. Fees will be assessed monthly and charged between the seventh and fifteenth day of the third month following the returns.

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4. What’s it like to work for Jeff Bezos?

In episode 104 of his series, Tucker Carlson discusses the experiences of someone who works for Jeff Bezos, providing a personal account of what it’s like to sell for the e-commerce giant. The episode has garnered significant attention, with over 2.5 million views. It highlights the fast-paced environment, innovation-driven culture, and the direct impact of Bezos’ leadership style on daily operations. Viewers gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of selling under one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time.

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5. Amazon Sellers Can Now Swap SKUs on Subscribe & Save

Steven Pope, founder of MyAmazonGuy, shares a significant update for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature. Sellers can now swap SKUs in their Subscribe & Save options, which prevents subscription deactivation when items go out of stock or SKUs need duplication due to bugs. This update aims to enhance the flexibility and reliability of managing subscriptions on Amazon.

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6. UPS® Ground Saver Now Available on Amazon Buy Shipping

Amazon has introduced UPS® Ground Saver as a new option available through Amazon Buy Shipping. This service caters primarily to non-urgent residential deliveries and is operational seven days a week. It accepts packages up to 130 total inches in size, making it versatile for a wide range of shipments. Sellers can purchase shipping labels directly from Seller Central, through Shipping API v2, or via select multichannel shipping integrators. This addition allows for deliveries to PO boxes, US territories, and military addresses globally, enhancing the flexibility for sellers using Amazon’s platform.

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7. New Keepa Graph Feature

Isaac Gross, CEO of IG PPC, recently highlighted a valuable addition to Keepa—the “Monthly Sold” graph. This new feature provides data on the number of units purchased from an Amazon listing within the past month, enhancing the analysis of Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and product performance over time. Particularly useful for comparing different product variations, this tool aids sellers in making informed decisions about inventory and marketing strategies. Gross emphasizes the utility of this feature in optimizing Amazon PPC management and product strategy for brands.

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8. How Amazon, Poshmark, and Rolling Stone Use Livestreaming to Enhance Ecommerce

Amazon, Poshmark, and Rolling Stone are tapping into livestreaming to provide interactive and engaging shopping experiences, especially appealing to Gen Z and millennials. With livestreaming still emerging in the U.S., these brands utilize real-time interactions to create immersive shopping events that go beyond traditional ecommerce. Amazon has expanded into TV with its shoppable FAST channel on Prime Video and Freevee, integrating shopping with entertainment. Poshmark’s introduction of Posh Shows allows sellers to host live auctions, fostering community interaction. Rolling Stone is set to host a shoppable livestream concert with Kate Hudson, merging music and commerce seamlessly.

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9. The Impact of Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Amazon Sales Illustrated by Blender Bottle Example

John Aspinall, a Brand Evangelist at PickFu, shared insights on the significant impact of click-through rate (CTR) on Amazon sales using a compelling example involving Blender Bottle. Through two PickFu polls, he demonstrated how product presentation affects customer preferences. The first poll showed a narrow preference for Blender Bottle based on bottle shapes. In contrast, the second poll indicated a strong preference when the product was shown in packaging and in use, emphasizing the value of a two-pack. This quick experiment, crafted in Canva, underscored the importance of CTR in enhancing sales on Amazon, proving even small details in presentation can dramatically influence buyer decisions.

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10. Amazon to Launch New Online Store in Ireland in 2025

Amazon has announced plans to launch a new dedicated store,, in Ireland by 2025. This move aims to provide a localized shopping experience for Irish consumers with over 100 million product offerings, including items from Irish businesses, without the hassle of customs charges. The platform will build on Amazon’s existing presence in Ireland, where it opened its first fulfillment center in Dublin in 2022, enhancing job opportunities and speeding up deliveries. This expansion is set to enrich the Irish e-commerce landscape, currently estimated at $3 billion annually, and offer significant growth opportunities for local small and medium-sized enterprises.

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