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Amazon Bots Go Wild with False ‘Seeds and Plants’ Takedowns

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1. Amazon Bots Go Wild with False ‘Seeds and Plants’ Takedowns

Amazon’s automated systems recently misclassified numerous product listings under “Seeds and Plants,” leading to inappropriate takedown notices for a wide array of products, from sporting goods to candy and books. Amazon moderators have instructed sellers to appeal these wrongful violations promptly to prevent negative impacts on their account health and ensure the reactivation of their listings. Frustrations are high among sellers due to the potential business disruptions caused by these automated errors, highlighting the vulnerability of relying heavily on automated systems without robust checks.

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2. TikTok to challenge Amazon Prime Day with its own sales event in July

TikTok is launching its own major sales event, “Deals For You Days,” starting July 9, directly competing with Amazon’s Prime Day scheduled for July 16-17. This initiative is part of TikTok’s ambitious plan to significantly expand its U.S. e-commerce operations, targeting a tenfold increase in sales to potentially $17.5 billion this year. The event will feature exclusive deals on a variety of products, including fashion, beauty, and home decor, and will incorporate interactive live shopping events to engage customers. This move signifies TikTok’s aggressive strategy to carve out a significant space in the social commerce sector, challenging not only Amazon but also other Chinese-owned platforms like Temu and Shein.

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3. Tips on Creating Effective Ad Headlines from Customer Reviews

Alex Cooper highlights the power of leveraging customer reviews to craft compelling ad headlines, particularly for platforms like Facebook. By feeding reviews into ChatGPT and using specific prompts, sellers can extract phrases that best resonate with potential buyers, encapsulating the product’s value propositions effectively. This strategy applies not only to Amazon reviews but also to comments on ads, competitor reviews, and discussions in online forums, offering a rich source of authentic marketing content. This method is especially useful for Amazon sellers looking to enhance their advertisement strategies and attract more customers.

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4. 10 Amazon PPC Strategies to Reduce Stupid Spend

Discover ten practical strategies aimed at helping Amazon sellers decrease unnecessary PPC spending, enhance Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), and boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Key recommendations include optimizing conversion rates, refining match targeting in automatic campaigns, and adjusting ad placements for efficiency. Tips also warn against using broad match targeting, automatically setting up international ads, and advise direct management of product pricing to positively influence sales. The focus is on smarter, not higher, spending to improve advertising efficacy on Amazon.

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5. Amazon hit with fresh class action-style suit in UK

Amazon faces a new class action-style lawsuit in the UK, where over £2.7 billion (around $3.4 billion) is being sought for alleged competition abuses affecting over 200,000 third-party sellers. The lawsuit claims Amazon has favored its own services and products unfairly, such as prioritizing its own retail offerings and logistics services, and unfairly tying Prime membership benefits to its Fulfilled by Amazon service. This legal challenge adds to ongoing global scrutiny and legal actions Amazon has faced regarding its market practices, aiming to correct competitive imbalances and potentially compensate affected sellers.

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6. How Amazon Sellers Can Avoid Listing Violations & Quality Complaints on Prime Day

Amazon sellers can safeguard their accounts against listing violations and quality complaints during Prime Day by proactively monitoring their listings for illicit changes and preparing for anti-competitive behaviors. This emphasizes the importance of being ready for rapid response to ASIN detail page changes or takedowns, recommending the formation of operational “rapid response teams.” Sellers are advised to stay vigilant about potential issues, using tools to monitor listings and prepare all necessary documentation to swiftly address and appeal any challenges. This proactive stance is crucial to maintaining account health and maximizing sales opportunities during one of Amazon’s busiest sales events.

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7. This Day In History: July 5

On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, originally named Cadabra, as an online bookstore operated from his garage in Bellevue, Washington. The company rapidly expanded beyond books, adding music, videos, and eventually a broad range of consumer goods and cloud computing services through Amazon Web Services. Key milestones in Amazon’s history include its IPO in 1997, the launch of Amazon Prime in 2005, the introduction of the Kindle in 2007, and the acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017. Bezos, who stepped down as CEO in 2021, attributed Amazon’s success to prioritizing customers, innovating, and patience.

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8. Another Bad Year for Amazon Aggregators

2024 continues to be a challenging year for Amazon aggregators, following a significant downturn in funding in 2023. This year has seen only two equity funding rounds closed by June, reflecting a broader venture capital slowdown across industries. For Amazon sellers, this trend could signal a decrease in potential buyouts or support from these aggregators, who often help optimize and scale Amazon businesses. The downturn was highlighted by the financial struggles of Thrasio, a leading Amazon aggregator, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy but has since restructured, reducing its debt and refocusing on its top-performing brands. This downturn in aggregator activity is concurrent with rising competition from low-cost ecommerce platforms like Temu and Shein, further complicating the landscape for Amazon brand aggregators.

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9. Amazon Ads Match Type Mismatch Issues

Ankit Goel Ghimire, a manager for Amazon PPC & DSP, raises concerns over issues with Amazon Ads. Recently, Phrase Match Sponsored Brand ads are being incorrectly categorized as Broad Match. This unexpected behavior is causing frustration among advertisers who rely on precise keyword targeting to reach their audience efficiently. Such issues highlight challenges in maintaining control over ad spend and targeting precision on Amazon’s platform.

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10. New “Send It Again” Feature for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon has introduced a “Send It Again” feature that allows sellers to quickly replicate previous Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments with just one click. This streamlined process eliminates the need to manually select SKUs or use bulk uploads for replenishing identical inventory. Sellers still have the flexibility to manually adjust the SKUs and quantities before finalizing their shipments, providing convenience without sacrificing control over inventory management.

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11. New Podcast Episode: Navigating Amazon Fee Increases and Custom Products with Kevin Sanderson

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