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Amazon Is Summarizing Reviews With AI

Dear Amazon sellers,

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting news today!

1. Amazon Is Summarizing Reviews With AI: Amazon is summarizing reviews using AI, turning all reviews for each product into a few sentences that best describe consumer feedback. The feature is a building block of Amazon’s AI ambitions. Read more here:

2. The 8 Most Important Amazon Seller Metrics for FBA Businesses: As an Amazon seller, it’s critical to track various metrics in order to understand how your business performs and make necessary adjustments to improve your results. You can’t just guess or think your business is performing well! Read more here:

3. More FBA Products Can Qualify for Amazon Outlet Deals: Amazon announced that sellers who use its FBA fulfillment service can now run Outlet deals on 60% more products with excess inventory. It cited internal data to entice sellers, reporting that sellers who follow recommendations to run Outlet deals see an increase of 93% in units sold in the following 4 weeks. Read more here:

4. The counterfeit lawsuits that scoop up hundreds of Chinese Amazon sellers at once: US law firms have been taking on small Amazon sellers over trademark infringement—and it’s big business. Find out more here:

5. Amazon Prime Day is back July 11-12! Here are 5 shopping tips to help you prepare: With the all-new Invite-only deals program, Prime members can request an invitation to access exclusive Prime Day deals that are expected to sell out. Check it out here:

6. Quarterly Changes in Consumer Trends: Explore the latest spending and e-commerce trends in this quarterly study of 1,000 U.S. consumers. This Q2 edition reveals the biggest differences in the ways men and women are searching, spending, and saving in 2023. Find out more here:

7. Amazon Sellers Can Add Videos to Product Pages: Amazon encouraged sellers to add videos to their product pages, even if they aren’t brand-registered. “You can now add video content to your product pages if you’ve been selling on Amazon for three months or longer,” it announced on Friday. “Adding video content can help you boost sales, improve conversion, and decrease returns.” Read more here:

8. Price war: Amazon excludes rival Temu from competitive price checks: Amazon is excluding its new competitor Temu from its price searching algorithm that checks if products sold on its platform are competitive with rivals, saying the site doesn’t meet its standards. Learn more here:

9. FTC sues Amazon over ‘deceptive’ Prime sign-up and cancellation process: The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday sued Amazon, alleging the nation’s dominant online retailer intentionally duped millions of consumers into signing up for its mainstay Prime program and “sabotaged” their attempts to cancel. Read more here:

10. Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime: New Enrollments Reopening in 2023: Amazon has announced that new seller enrollment for the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program will reopen later this year. Originally launched in 2015, SFP has undergone significant improvements to enhance the Prime customer experience. Sellers interested in joining, your patience is about to pay off. Stay tuned for more details on the enrollment process. Learn more here:

We trust that these updates will serve as a source of inspiration, motivating you to expand your business and discover fresh prospects in the dynamic landscape of e-commerce!

Happy Selling,

Todd Welch
Amazon Seller School