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Amazon Order Volumes Spike 65% Year-Over-Year While Shopify Draws More Merchants

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1. Amazon Order Volumes Spike 65% Year-Over-Year While Shopify Draws More Merchants

Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) revealed that order volumes for third-party sellers on Amazon spiked by 65% year-over-year, while Shopify experienced a 19% increase. The Extensiv Market Insights research, starting from 2020, monitors order volume trends for vendors such as Amazon and Shopify. The 2023 holiday season highlighted Amazon’s dominant role, with a significant 111% increase in order volumes during Thanksgiving/Black Friday compared to Shopify and other marketplaces. Amazon also reported its largest shopping period in late November, with over 500 million items purchased from independent sellers. Additionally, Shopify showed a promising 19% year-over-year growth, with a 20% increase from 3Q to 4Q in 2023. Other marketplaces remained relatively flat but showed a 31% quarterly increase. These trends indicate Amazon’s growing dominance and the increasing appeal of platforms like Shopify to merchants.

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2. Amazon Aids Seller Listings with New Generative AI Partnership

Amazon is partnering with Nvidia to enhance its generative AI capabilities for third-party sellers on its site. This new tool identifies areas for improvement in product listings and automatically generates revised content such as titles, bullet points, descriptions, and product attributes. Utilizing Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs and TensorRT-LLM software, the tool promises doubled efficiency and a threefold reduction in latency, making the process more responsive and environmentally friendly. This enhancement, which began in September 2023, aims to help sellers create more engaging and effective listings easily, potentially increasing customer reach and business growth.

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3. How to Win Amazon KWs: A Strategy for the Brave at Heart

Chad Rubin shares a strategy for smaller Amazon sellers to compete effectively against larger players for crucial keywords. The approach involves targeting specific, high-impact keywords with lower competition, which can lead to better visibility and sales. Rubin emphasizes the importance of thorough research to identify these keywords and adapt the strategy over time. This method offers a more attainable path for smaller sellers to achieve success on Amazon without directly confronting major competitors.

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4. Amazon Doubles the Character Limit for Generic Keywords

Amazon has increased the character limit for “Generic Keywords” in seller listings from 250 to 500 characters. This change allows sellers to include more comprehensive and varied keywords, enhancing their ability to target a wider range of search queries. The expansion aims to improve product discoverability and search relevance on the platform. This update is part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to optimize the seller experience and may indicate more upcoming enhancements to the platform.

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5. How Amazon Fashion is using AI to help you find the perfect fit

Amazon Fashion is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer experience in online shopping for fashion items. They have introduced four AI-powered innovations, including personalized size recommendations, review highlights, re-imagined size charts, and fit insights. The AI algorithms consider various factors such as customer preferences, product details, and reviews to recommend the best-fitting size for each customer. They also use AI to generate alternative style suggestions based on customer preferences. The system continuously adapts to changes in customers’ size needs and has been proven to increase purchase and retention rates. Additionally, Amazon offers a Fit Insights Tool for brands, using AI to provide insights on product fit and customer feedback, helping to reduce returns and improve product listings.

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6. French regulator fines Amazon France Logistique 3.2 million euros

The French competition authority has imposed a fine of 3.2 million euros on Amazon France Logistique, citing the company’s non-compliance with a 2020 order related to its dominance in the market. This order required Amazon to clarify its contractual terms with third-party sellers on its platform. The authority stated that Amazon failed to adequately comply with this order, leading to the imposition of the fine.

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7. What is Amazon’s Born to Run Program

The Amazon Born to Run program is an invite-only initiative designed to help Amazon Vendors launch new products more efficiently. Unlike third-party sellers who can list multiple products freely, Vendors must wait for Amazon to place a purchase order. This program allows Vendors to proactively request orders from Amazon based on their estimate of how many units they can sell in 10 weeks, specifically aiding those launching new products without a sales history. However, there are risks involved, such as returns or retention fees for unsold units. Vendors need to be part of Amazon Vendor Central, have products valued under $50,000, and meet specific product criteria to be eligible for the program.

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8. Amazon Posts EVERYTHING You Need To Know [EXAMPLES]

Amazon Posts, available to U.S. brands enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, offer a unique social media-like platform within Amazon. These posts feature lifestyle images or videos with captions, similar to Instagram, but with the added advantage of linking directly to product detail pages. Brands find this beneficial for boosting Amazon SEO, increasing brand awareness, and enhancing product discoverability, including on competitor product detail pages. The platform allows for direct interaction with potential customers, supporting brand growth on Amazon. Amazon Posts can appear in various places, including the brand’s feed, product detail page carousels, and related category feeds.

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9. Amazon A/B Testing: Step-by-Step Guide

Amazon A/B Testing, also known as split testing, is a crucial method for sellers to optimize their product listings on Amazon. It involves comparing different versions of a listing’s elements like product titles, images, descriptions, bullet points, and pricing to determine which one performs better in terms of conversion rates, click-through rates, and sales. The guide explains how to run split tests manually, use Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments tool, or create polls on social media or with tools like PickFu. An example using Jungle Scout’s product shows surprising results, emphasizing the importance of testing and not relying on assumptions.

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10. Temu Marketplace Inviting US Sellers

Temu, the number one most-downloaded shopping app, is set to open its marketplace to U.S. sellers in March, followed by European sellers. Currently, all sellers in Temu are based in China, operating under a model where they agree to wholesale pricing and ship goods in bulk to Temu’s warehouses in China. This will change with the expansion, as U.S. and European sellers will handle fulfillment from their domestic warehouses and Temu will not manage their pricing or marketing. This shift aims to make Temu more like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces. Despite this expansion, Temu may face challenges in attracting a significant number of domestic sellers and rebranding itself beyond its Chinese seller base.

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11. SellerSnap – Advanced AI Repricer

Unlocking the Ultimate Repricing Power: The Smart Move I Made to Elevate My Amazon Game! Switching to this top-tier repricer, priced at $500/month, was a game-changer once my sales justified the investment. The AI-powered repricer excels in outmaneuvering competitors and securing more buy box wins. When your product sales reach a substantial level, upgrading to the market’s finest repricer becomes the logical choice for unstoppable success!

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