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Amazon Takes Those Daily Seller Polls Seriously

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1. Amazon Takes Those Daily Seller Polls Seriously

Amazon actively solicits feedback from sellers through daily polls on Seller Central, querying opinions on a range of topics to gauge seller satisfaction and areas for improvement. Despite skepticism from sellers about the effectiveness and transparency of these polls, Amazon’s Senior Leader of Seller Insights & Research, Corliss Collier, confirmed their significance in a recent chat session. The company not only tracks sentiment changes over time to prioritize improvements but also initiated a Voice of the Seller panel to dive deeper into sellers’ experiences. An example given highlighted how seller feedback led to the implementation of a “Call Me Button” for easier access to Account Health Services, demonstrating Amazon’s commitment to using poll data for actionable changes, with plans to share outcomes of such feedback starting Q3 2024.

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2. Amazon’s New Focus: Fending Off Rivals Temu and Shein (Post from Joseph F.)

Amazon is shifting its focus to reinforce two core aspects believed to be its competitive edge: customer trust and rapid delivery. Efforts are being made to expand the variety of products eligible for same-day delivery, particularly in electronics. Additionally, the company is contemplating promotional strategies that highlight its reliability and swift delivery capabilities as part of its strategy to counter competitors like Temu and Shein.

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3. Lessons from More Than 1,000 E-Commerce Pricing Tests

E-commerce pricing is more art than science, but Maxime C. Cohen and his team at Intelligems have transformed it into a data-driven process through over 1,000 price tests across 300 retailers, revealing valuable insights. Their research found a significant opportunity for profit increase, with the median brand experiencing a 6% lift in gross profits through systematic A/B testing. Surprisingly, they discovered that e-commerce retailers often overprice products, missing out on profitable demand, while underpricing shipping fees, suggesting a misalignment with optimal pricing strategies. The study emphasizes the potential of A/B testing in refining e-commerce pricing strategies to capture untapped demand and adjust shipping fees accordingly, highlighting the necessity of rigorous, data-informed approaches in today’s competitive retail environment.

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4. Stop! What You Need to Know About the First Sale Doctrine for Amazon Selling Success

Rolando R. underscores the critical importance of understanding the First Sale Doctrine for Amazon sellers, highlighting its significance in legally selling copyrighted products on the platform. The First Sale Doctrine permits the resale of copyrighted works, like books and CDs, provided they were lawfully acquired. Sellers must navigate this legal landscape carefully, ensuring the authenticity and legality of their products to avoid infringement issues. The complexity increases with digital goods due to licensing nuances, demanding sellers’ attention to platform policies and copyright laws. Adhering to these principles and Amazon’s stringent regulations can lead to successful and ethical e-commerce ventures.

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5. Social Media Users Trust Brands Over Influencers on Finance, Apparel, Skincare

A study conducted in October by Snap Inc. and IPG Magna reveals that social media users across the US, UK, Australia, France, and Saudi Arabia tend to trust brands more than influencers, particularly in industries such as finance, apparel, and skincare. This preference is strongest in the finance sector, where the credibility and authority of influencers are crucial for gaining consumer trust. The concept of brand-led creator communities is emerging as a promising strategy, blending the trust in brands with the relatability of influencers to appeal to a wider audience, thus potentially reshaping influencer marketing investments.

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6. Amazon Support – 10 Tips on How To Navigate Case Management Hell

Navigating Amazon Support for both Vendor Central and Seller Central users can be daunting, with the platform being largely self-service and lacking direct support contact numbers. Jennifer Gebhart outlines a step-by-step guide for both Vendor and Seller Central users on how to file a support case, from locating the “Help” section to detailing and submitting your issue. The article also emphasizes the importance of filing cases during specific hours for a higher chance of reaching experienced support associates and suggests always requesting a written summary of phone conversations for record-keeping. Ten additional tips are offered to enhance the support experience, such as titling support cases with a clear description of the issue and being patient through the process, highlighting that mentioning customer experience impact can lead to more effective responses from Amazon Support.

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7. Shoppable Basic A+ Content Modules Now Available for Brands

Amazon has introduced shoppable content modules for brands utilizing Basic A+ Content, enabling customers to add products to their cart directly from the Standard Comparison Chart module. This feature displays live item prices and customer ratings alongside product attribute comparisons, aiming to streamline the shopping experience by reducing the time customers spend navigating between product pages. The update is designed to assist customers in making more informed purchase decisions efficiently.

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8. Facebook Marketplace to Double Fees in April?

Facebook Marketplace is reportedly planning to double its selling fees from 5% to 10% starting April 15, 2024, for sales made with the delivery and checkout option. This update was revealed through a notification received by a seller, indicating that the minimum fee per listing will also increase from 40 cents to 80 cents. However, local sales without shipping will continue to have no selling fees. The fee adjustment is intended to support the costs of payment processing, customer support, and Purchase Protection for shipped listings. Sellers are advised to review and possibly adjust the pricing of their current shipped listings in anticipation of this change.

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9. ‘Turning into a flea market’ rages Amazon shopper as buyers urged to ‘always check’ key part of product page first

Amazon shoppers have expressed frustrations, likening the platform to a flea market due to the prevalence of counterfeit products. One user highlighted an issue with purchasing inferior headlight bulbs compared to those bought from Walmart, pointing out the time and effort required to return low-quality knockoffs. Discussions on platforms such as Reddit reveal widespread concern over counterfeit items, with some users emphasizing the importance of checking the seller’s legitimacy and preferring products sold directly by Amazon. Despite Amazon’s policies against counterfeit products, the responsibility largely falls on sellers and suppliers, leading some major brands to withdraw their products from the marketplace.

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10. 42-year-old Amazon seller whose side hustle brings in $143,000 a month: Use these 3 simple steps to make more money

Jenny Woo, a 42-year-old former corporate consultant, has diversified her income with a side hustle that generated $1.71 million in revenue last year on Amazon, selling emotional intelligence-focused card games. Her success story involves a simple three-step approach: testing the product extensively, using feedback to create new versions for various audiences, and constantly iterating. Woo’s journey is marked by a continuous process of reinvention, from consulting and personal training to education and business consulting, demonstrating the value of evolution over perfection in entrepreneurship. Woo emphasizes the importance of not fearing to reinvent oneself and the benefit of launching products early to gather consumer feedback for improvement.

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11. Todd Welch Steps Up as the New Face of the Amazon Wholesale Bundles System: Todd takes over from Kristin as the new instructor for the Amazon Wholesale Bundles Mastery Course, bringing fresh perspectives and continued guidance to the community.

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