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Amazon to Supplement Product Images from Other Sellers

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1. Amazon to Supplement Product Images from Other Sellers

Amazon announced a policy to use images from multiple sellers to ensure each product detail page has at least three images. This change, starting January 31, 2024, aims to fill in missing images. Concerns have been raised about image accuracy and control, with sellers advised to report incorrect images to Selling Partner Support. The decision has sparked debate about potential violations of agreements and the accuracy of product depictions.

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2. Amazon Disbursements Held Due to Unmet UK Business Establishment Requirements

Amazon has been notifying numerous sellers about the risk of deactivation of their Amazon Disbursements due to not meeting UK business establishment requirements for tax obligations. Sellers are required to submit various documents to prove their UK establishment, leading to confusion and concerns among them. Some sellers have been unexpectedly asked for additional EU business documents, despite only operating on Amazon UK. The situation has escalated for some, with Amazon holding disbursements and demanding VAT payments for historical B2C sales dating back to 2021 if sellers cannot verify their UK business status. Liz Barclay, the Small Business Commissioner, is investigating the issue and organizing discussions to address the concerns of affected sellers.

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3. Sky High Ambitions: Walmart To Make Largest Drone Delivery Expansion of Any U.S. Retailer

Walmart is set to significantly expand its drone delivery service, making it available to up to 1.8 million additional households across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, marking the largest drone delivery footprint by a U.S. retailer. This service, powered by Wing and Zipline, leverages Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) technology approved by the FAA, enabling rapid deliveries directly to customers’ homes in as little as 10 to 30 minutes. This expansion is part of Walmart’s broader commitment to providing fast, convenient, and innovative delivery solutions, enhancing the customer shopping experience with a focus on speed, safety, and sustainability.

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4. Amazon Doesn’t Get What It Wants, for Once

Amazon withdrew from a $1.4 billion acquisition deal with iRobot, maker of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, following antitrust objections from the European Union and the FTC. The move resulted in iRobot announcing significant layoffs and the departure of its CEO. Amazon’s interest in iRobot was viewed skeptically by regulators, who feared the acquisition could lead to Amazon leveraging its platform to favor Roomba over its competitors, potentially creating a monopoly in the robot vacuum market. This decision marks a rare instance of regulatory intervention preventing Amazon from expanding its market dominance.

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5. Why Amazon’s Small Business Academy Matters for Entrepreneurs

The Amazon Small Business Academy (ASBA) is a comprehensive program aimed at assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of selling on Amazon and achieving e-commerce success. It offers a range of resources, including webinars, podcasts, and guidance from industry experts, through three educational tracks: Start, Build, and Launch. Designed for both new and seasoned sellers, ASBA is accessible to anyone interested in starting, developing, or launching their business online, providing free, interactive resources to support entrepreneurs through their journey.

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6. What Is Best For Shoppers And Sellers? Etsy Vs Amazon

Choosing between Etsy and Amazon for shopping and selling largely depends on individual preferences and the nature of the items. Etsy is celebrated for its focus on handmade, vintage, and unique items, catering specifically to small businesses and artisans seeking a niche market. This platform offers a more personalized marketplace with global reach, community support, and relatively low setup costs. Amazon, on the other hand, provides a vast global market with programs like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to ease the selling process, access to a broad customer base including Prime members, and a suite of tools for efficient business management. Each platform has its limitations, with Etsy’s focus potentially limiting product range and Amazon’s high competition and fees potentially affecting small businesses. The choice between Etsy and Amazon ultimately depends on the specific needs of the seller and the type of products they offer.

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7. Shein Rejects Amazon ‘Clone’ Talk as It Prepares for US Listing

Shein, the Chinese-founded online fashion giant, is preparing for a significant U.S. public listing while distancing itself from being labeled an Amazon “clone.” Shein’s strategic communications head highlighted the company’s focus on Gen Z and Millennial consumers and its potential for product category expansion in the U.S. Unlike Amazon, Shein aims to retain its identity by catering specifically to younger generations with diverse product lines, including electronics and home appliances. The company’s anticipated U.S. IPO could value it at $90 billion, despite recent speculation of a lower valuation due to investor concerns. Shein emphasizes its unique on-demand model, allowing for a trial of small product batches before wider release, as it moves away from the “ultrafast fashion” label amidst sustainability scrutiny. With daily additions of thousands of new items at low costs, Shein’s technology-driven approach aims to reduce production waste and costs for customers.

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8. Walmart Offers Incentives to Attract New Sellers

Walmart has introduced a New-Seller Savings program to entice more sellers to join its platform by offering up to 50% off referral fees for the first 90 days among other discounts. This initiative follows a similar incentive program from last year aimed at boosting the marketplace’s offerings. New sellers can also benefit from reduced fees for Walmart’s fulfillment services and advertising network. The promotion includes savings on various services including Walmart Fulfillment Services and Walmart Connect, with a deadline for first shipment receipt set for July 31 to maximize the discount benefits. This effort is part of Walmart’s strategy to double its marketplace offerings, enhancing its competitive stance in the e-commerce sector.

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9. Amazon Listing Optimization: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Optimizing Amazon product listings is critical for driving sales and taking your business to the next level. In 2024, nearly 80% of Amazon sellers are prioritizing their listings optimization using relevant, high-quality keywords. The guide emphasizes the importance of creating an optimized listing, detailing steps for crafting an effective product title, bullet points, product descriptions, and selecting and arranging images for maximum impact. It also covers the significance of leveraging tools like Jungle Scout for keyword research and listing building, ensuring listings are comprehensive, keyword-rich, and capable of converting viewers into buyers. The guide further highlights strategies for garnering positive product reviews and differentiating between seller feedback and product reviews, underlining the essentials for success on Amazon.

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10. Analyzer Tools | Streamline Product Sourcing for Amazon Sellers

If you’re looking for the ultimate tool to revolutionize your Amazon product sourcing, look no further than Analyzer Tools (formerly AMZ Analyzer)! This has become my go-to tool, replacing all other alternatives, including Tactical Arbitrage. The sheer efficiency and effectiveness of Analyzer Tools have completely transformed my sourcing process. Inputting a supplier’s product spreadsheet, complete with UPC and wholesale prices, is all it takes to unleash its power. Within moments, I receive a comprehensive spreadsheet, expertly matching items on Amazon, calculating potential profits, and offering critical insights such as review counts, ratings, and sales rank. Say goodbye to manual sorting and hello to automation! Discover the magic of Analyzer Tools in action by watching the video tutorial and see how it effortlessly unveils profitable gems. If you’re serious about taking your Amazon business to new heights, this tool is a game-changer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage the power of Analyzer Tools for your success. Subscribe to our channel for more valuable tips and tricks to elevate your Amazon selling game!

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