You are currently viewing Amazon’s latest AI feature will let sellers generate product listings from their existing websites

Amazon’s latest AI feature will let sellers generate product listings from their existing websites

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1. Amazon’s latest AI feature will let sellers generate product listings from their existing websites

Amazon introduces a new AI feature in Seller Central, allowing sellers to quickly generate product listings by providing URLs from their direct-to-consumer websites. This addition, rolling out to U.S. sellers in the coming weeks, aims to streamline the listing process. Previous AI integrations included text-based and image-upload functionalities for listing creation. Over 100,000 sellers have utilized these AI tools, with the majority accepting the AI-generated listings with minimal adjustments. Amazon emphasizes that this innovation enhances clarity, accuracy, and detail in product listings, ultimately saving sellers time and improving product visibility.

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2. Amazon’s New Seller Fulfillment Fees Draw FTC Attention, Report Says

Amazon is under FTC scrutiny due to new fees impacting sellers using its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. These fees, including an inbound placement fee and a low-inventory-level fee, aim to optimize inventory levels and improve fulfillment efficiency but are criticized for being complex and potentially increasing consumer prices. Amazon asserts that the fees enable sellers to better manage fulfillment while claiming they are lower than competitors’. However, sellers express frustration over the convoluted structure, arguing it complicates operations and forces tight inventory management. Despite controversies, Amazon emphasizes these changes as part of its commitment to enhancing delivery speeds and reducing operational costs.

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3. Amazon will no longer underwrite loans for sellers in its $140 billion Marketplace business

Amazon is ending its practice of underwriting loans for sellers in its Marketplace business, as stated in a recent announcement. The Amazon Lending division, which has provided loans to online merchants for over a decade, will stop issuing new loans in the U.S. and U.K. starting from March 6, 2024. The company will continue to service existing loans and partner with third-party providers for financing solutions. This decision follows internal concerns about high default rates and comes amid new fee structures for sellers, potentially influencing Amazon’s financial strategies and its relationship with Marketplace sellers.

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4. E-Commerce Needs Walmart

Walmart is emerging as Amazon’s only real competitor in the U.S. e-commerce market, holding a market share that is still under 10% compared to Amazon’s 40%. However, Walmart’s online segment has been growing faster than Amazon’s, thanks to its strong online grocery segment and revitalization of its e-commerce focus. While other platforms like eBay, Shopify, and new entrants like Temu and Shein offer variety, they do not provide a comprehensive alternative to Amazon. Walmart’s growth and expansion into e-commerce are crucial for creating a competitive market, offering a genuine alternative for both consumers and third-party sellers, potentially leading to a more consumer and seller-friendly online shopping environment.

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5. Book Recommendation: Thick Face, Black Heart: The Warrior Philosophy for Conquering the Challenges of Business and Life by Chin-Ning Chu is a book that delves into the ancient Chinese philosophies of thick face (an unshakable sense of self) and black heart (ruthlessness in the pursuit of objectives) as strategies for success in life and business. Chu argues that these concepts, when properly understood and applied, can help individuals overcome obstacles, harness their inner strength, and achieve their goals without being hindered by fear or societal expectations. The book blends Eastern philosophy with practical advice, providing readers with a unique framework for navigating competition, ethical dilemmas, and personal challenges.

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