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How Amazon Uses AI to Prevent Damaged Products

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  1. How Amazon Uses AI to Prevent Damaged Products

    Amazon has been utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure the quality of products by predicting and preventing damage during the packaging process. It has developed an AI-based system, Package Quality Analyzer (PQA), that scans the package at the end of the packing line and flags potential issues that could cause damage during transit. The use of AI in this manner has resulted in significant reductions in product damage, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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  2. Supercharge Your Sales with Amazon’s Brand-Tailored Promotions: A How-to Guide

    Amazon has recently launched its Brand Tailored Promotions feature, allowing sellers to offer discounts to specific segments of their audience, including high spenders, brand followers, cart abandoners, and recent customers. This feature, currently accessible to Brand Registered sellers, displays promotions on search results, product detail pages, and promotion shopping pages, aiming to enhance conversion rates. While the tool doesn’t support emailing customers, it can have a substantial impact on sales when combined with other marketing strategies.

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  3. Boost Your Amazon Sales by Prioritizing Top-Performing Products

    Jason Landro advises Amazon sellers to focus on the top 10% or 20% of their catalog, which often accounts for equal or greater revenue compared to the bottom 80% or 90%. After ensuring that these top-performing products have fully optimized listings, images, and SEO, Landro suggests sellers to continually make tweaks and conduct split tests. Furthermore, he recommends using top-of-search campaigns to increase the organic rank of keywords where products are on page 2 or the bottom of page 1.

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  4. Amazon Offers Brands Free Transparency Codes to Combat Counterfeits

    Amazon is providing brands with 20,000 free Transparency codes for one year for every new product enrolled in the program before December 31, 2023. These unique, alphanumeric, non-sequential barcodes, applied to the product’s packaging, help prevent customers from receiving non-authentic or incorrect versions of products, ensuring the authenticity of every unit shipped. Brands must apply the Transparency codes to the same surface as the GTIN barcode to be eligible for the promotion.

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  5. Walmart’s Elevated Standards for Pro Seller Badge Ahead of the Holidays

    Walmart is tightening its criteria for its Pro Seller badge, a program aimed to help shoppers identify top-tier sellers. This comes ahead of the holiday season and includes requirements such as offering a minimum of 100 different products, having a 90% or higher on-time delivery rate, and maintaining a cancellation rate below 2%. The move is part of Walmart’s push to elevate customer experience and trust in its online marketplace, by promoting more reliable and high-performing sellers.

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  6. New Amazon Emerald Program Offers 3P Notifications on Seller Central

    Amazon has launched a new feature, the Emerald Program, for third-party sellers on Seller Central. The program provides notifications and alerts to help sellers better manage their operations. Notifications could include alerts about listing issues, policy changes, updates on customer reviews, and more. This move is aimed at improving the seller experience and ensuring proactive management of their operations on the platform.

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  7. Amazon Forecasts Third-Quarter Revenue Above Estimates

    Amazon has provided an optimistic third-quarter revenue forecast that surpasses analysts’ expectations. This financial forecast is backed by the increasing number of consumers who prefer shopping online due to the ongoing pandemic. Despite supply chain challenges and growing labor costs, the company seems to maintain a positive outlook for its financial performance.

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  8. Delivering to the Depths: Amazon’s Unique Delivery Route to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

    Amazon has developed a unique delivery system for residents of Supai, a remote village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The company collaborates with local services, employing mules to transport packages through the 8-mile trail to the village. This demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to reaching every customer, regardless of how remote their location may be.

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  9. The Amazon Effect: How $127 Billion Were Spent Without Traditional Advertising

    Amazon has managed to drive enormous sales of $127 billion without relying on traditional advertising. Instead, the company capitalizes on strategies like customer-centric policies, reviews, Prime membership, and robust logistics and delivery networks. This approach has cemented Amazon’s dominance in the e-commerce sector, showcasing a successful shift from conventional advertising to customer-focused business strategies.

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  10. Amazon to Archive Orders Older Than Two Years Starting September 2023

    Amazon will start archiving orders older than two years on a monthly basis beginning September 2023. This move is to ensure data security and maintain a safe customer experience by removing personally identifiable information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and gift messages. Sellers requiring this information for accounting or tax purposes must download it by the end of August or within two years of the order placement.

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