You are currently viewing Jungle Scout Review Chrome Extension Plugin Tutorial & Review for Amazon FBA Wholesale or Private Label

Jungle Scout Review Chrome Extension Plugin Tutorial & Review for Amazon FBA Wholesale or Private Label

Do you ever wish you could peer into an Amazon crystal ball and predict a product’s future? For many Amazon sellers, Todd included, Jungle Scout is that crystal ball. Whether you’re a wholesaler or you sell private label products, the chrome plug-in Jungle Scout can help you find profitable products, determine how much of that product to purchase, and understand the ins-and-outs of your e-commerce competition. 

Once you’ve installed Jungle Scout, you’ll notice an orange and black JS icon on your toolbar. When you’re scrolling through products on Amazon, simply click the icon and Jungle Scout will start pulling information from the page. 

Quick note – Jungle Scout will pull information about a product you’ve searched for as well as sponsored products. 

What To Look For

Once you’ve found a product or made a search on Amazon’s search page, Jungle Scout provides lots of great information. You’ll find the current sales rank, the estimated sales per month, the estimated revenue based on the current sales price, the number of units selling per month, the number of reviews, the current rating, and who’s currently selling the product. 

Who’s Selling

As a wholesaler, it’s important to know if others are selling the product you’re interested in. If there are a few other sellers, you know the product sells and is probably worth the investment. It’s also essential to know if Amazon sells the product. The last thing you want is to be competing with Amazon for the buy box. 


Looking at the number of reviews is important because it helps you figure out if the sales rank is accurate. The sales rank on these plug-ins is ultimately an estimate. So if there are lots of sales but fewer reviews, that’s a sign that high sales are coming from other variations. Use ReviewMeta to analyze the reviews and dig into discrepancies (check out Todd’s ReviewMeta review here!). 

Side note – If you click the plus sign and have purchased the web version, Jungle Scout will add the product to the backend of Jungle Scout so you can routinely pull up the product and review it. 

The Whole Picture

Let’s say you want to analyze an entire brand or category of products. Simply search for the brand or product on Amazon and, within the search page, click Jungle Scout. The plug-in will pull data for every product on the results page. Jungle Scout even pulls data for products on the following page if you click extract next page of results

As you scroll through products, you’ll likely see dozens, maybe hundreds, of results. Luckily, Jungle Scout allows you to filter by categories such as price, number of reviews, current sales rank, estimated revenue, and more. One of the more useful filters allows you to remove products that Amazon sells or that only 3-4 other wholesalers sell. There’s a sandwich menu on the upper-left side of the Jungle Scout results page that brings you to every filter. 

Once you click on a product within the Jungle Scout results page, the product page opens up. Use additional plug-ins such as Keepa and RevSeller for more in-depth information. Keepa is fantastic because it shows the detailed historical information of a given-product, specifically if Amazon has previously sold it.


Associate keywords gives you an idea of the top keywords associated with this listing. You can also export Jungle Scout data for your convenience by clicking an export icon in the bottom-right corner of Jungle Scout’s results page. Download data as a CSV file if you’re looking to input the data into another software system, download as a screenshot, or share to Facebook. 

Occasionally Jungle Scout will reload incorrect information so remember to click the reload button at the top every so often. 

Also, there’s an icon on the bottom right that takes you to a Google trends report. Here you can see the interest over time of a particular search term on Google. 


Have you ever hopped on the phone with a supplier only to snag their product list and realize there’s nothing worth selling? Have you ever found yourself with dozens of extra products because a product doesn’t sell the way you thought it would? Jungle Scout tells you everything you need to know before you buy and bury your business. Combined with other products such as Keepa and RevSeller, you’ll be a bonafide fortune teller clairvoyant in all things e-commerce.

Happy selling everybody. 

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00:00 What’s up, everybody? In this video, I’m going to review Jungle Scout’s Chrome plug-in and how I use it in my Amazon wholesale business to help me find profitable wholesale suppliers, find out how much they’re selling, and things like that. You could also use this in your Amazon private label business and lots of other things as well. So let’s go ahead and jump in.

00:24 (music) What’s up? Todd Welch here from the Amazon Seller School, and we’re going to check out the Jungle Scout Chrome plug-in here that you can purchase. It really helps to dig into Amazon products to especially determine how many they’re possibly selling per month to make sure that you’re purchasing the proper amount if you’re doing wholesale, or to scope out your competition if you’re doing private label.

00:55 Now if you look down below, there’s going to be a link in the description. So you can download and install the Jungle Scout Chrome plug-in and purchase it through there as well. If you purchase through that link, I’ll get a small cut of that at no additional cost to you. It’s going to help me create more awesome videos like this to help you in your Amazon business. I really appreciate that.

01:19 Again, click the link down below to get that installed, and if you haven’t already, click that subscribe button to get subscribed to the Amazon Seller School channel. Then click the little bell right next to it so you get alerted to more videos like this that’ll help you in your Amazon business.

01:34 So once you’ve installed the Jungle Scout Chrome plug-in, you’re going to have a little icon like this guy up at the top here. When you click that, it’s going to bring up all kinds of information on Amazon about the products. Depending on what page you’re on, it’s going to bring up different information.

01:56 The first thing that I like to do is to use it to just determine how much a product is selling. So I’m going to go ahead and click on this, just on a regular product page here on Amazon. It’s going to pull the information about this product as well as any other products that it finds on the page, like sponsored products and things like that.

02:22 So for this one, it found the Simple Mills pancake/waffle mix. You can drag this around the screen if you want to get it out of the way, but if I drag it over, you can see that matches this item here that we’re looking at. Then it also pulled up some information for a sponsored item, which looks like a three-pack of this same item.

02:46 You can see here what’s cool is it’s giving you a lot of information. It’s giving you the current sales rank, and it’s given you the estimated number of sales that it’s going to get off of that sales rank per month. Then this is daily estimated sales per month as well. Estimated revenue based off of the current sales price and the number of units that’s selling per month. The current number of reviews, the current rating, and who the current seller is and how many other sellers or total sellers there are.

03:27 All of this is really good information if you’re looking at possibly selling a product. Number one, if you’re doing wholesale, you’re not going to want to compete against Amazon. So right off the bat, you can see that Amazon is selling this or currently holds the buy-box, and the buy-box is just basically whoever is currently selling the product. Now if Amazon is in the buy-box, they’re going to hold onto that and not let anyone else get sales, most likely, unless you severely undercut them on price, at which point you’re probably not going to be making any more profit.

04:04 Let’s dig into some of the other numbers. The monthly sales, I look for at least 300 monthly sales for Amazon wholesale. This would meet that, and you can click on that daily or monthly number and just see the historical average of about how many it had been selling historically. That’s really nice because then you can see how many it’s currently selling compared to what it is historically to see if that number is going to go up or down to make sure that you’re not just in a high spike and that you’re actually in a normal sales range. That can help you determine how many products you’ll want to purchase so that you have enough to stay in stock, but you’re also not purchasing too many.

05:02 You can do the same thing on the historical sales ranks. You can see approximately where you’re at with that to make sure that you’re not just in a spike and, again, not purchasing too many products or too much of that product. If you’re doing private label, you can see the historical information on how well this product is selling because then if you’re going to brand or purchase this product, make some customizations, and sell it your own, you can get an idea of how much you can potentially sell based off of those sales rank numbers.

05:43 Sales reviews are very good as well because you don’t want to just rely off the guesstimate of the number of sales, because if it’s saying that you’re going to get a lot of sales but there’s no reviews or very low reviews, then it may not be completely accurate. You’re going to want to take this all as a guesstimate, these monthly sales and daily sales, because they’re basing it off of just the sales rank. The sales rank is not always 100% accurate. Amazon is always changing the way it’s calculating those numbers. As of late, they’ve been rolling variation listings. Listings that have more than one product on them, they’ve been rolling them together. So it can make it difficult to have this information be 100% accurate.

06:41 With this having 314 reviews and this one having 1,136 reviews, that tells me that this information may be more accurate. With only 314 reviews and 1,721 monthly sales, that makes me think maybe something is going on there. Maybe that sales rank is coming from other variations on this listing because there’s lots of variations on this listing, as you can see here.

07:16 So you’re going to want to dig into that further. You could dig into that further with other tools like ReviewMeta, which is going to allow us to analyze those reviews and see which variation is getting most of the reviews or how those reviews are spread out. I’ll have a review of that down in the descriptions, so you can learn that as well. You can also use tools like RevSeller, which is another great tool for digging into listings. You can check that link out below as well.

07:53 If you click this plus sign, that adds this product to your backend of Jungle Scout, if you purchase the web version of Jungle Scout as well. Then it keeps that product in your tracker so you can pull it back up routinely and look at it if that’s something you want to do. I have not purchased the web extension or the web backend to this. I just use the Jungle Scout Pro extension to help me determine how much a product is selling and things like that.

08:26 But let’s go ahead and look at another product just so we can get some more information. So another thing that I like to do is if you’re searching for a product … Let’s say you’re going to look for a brand name. Let’s keep on this Simple Mills, for example. So I’m going to search for Simple Mills, and then what I like to do is narrow that down by the brand over here on the left so that I know that I’m just looking at that brand.

08:55 On a search page like this on Amazon, if you click the Jungle Scout plug-in, it’s going to grab all of the listings on the page, and it’s going to show you all of that information. Let’s see. On this first page, there’s 48 different items, so it should grab us about 48 here when it’s all done. You can see 48 or 68 total results for Simple Mills, and it’s still grabbing all of those for us. It’s actually grabbing more because it’s also grabbing the sponsored products and things like that as well. You can see down here at the bottom one of 58. Once this information pops in, then you know it’s done grabbing them.

09:45 What’s cool with the Jungle Scout plug-in is you can actually click this ‘extract next page’ here, and it goes and grabs the information from the next page so that you don’t have to do that manually. Jungle Scout is just going to pull that all in. So now you can see the results is going up. One of 83 so far. Again, it’s grabbing those sponsored products and things, so that’s why it’s more than the actual number of 68 results that we have here.

10:17 We can tell that that’s done. That little icon stopped spinning here, and then also, this information updated up here as well. So again, all of the same information here, but now you have all the different products from Simple Mills. Let’s say you opened up a wholesale account with Simple Mills. You can look at all their information here and see what products might be worth selling.

10:43 So for example, let’s see here. We can dig in deeper with this one because it did not get any seller information here. These ones, Amazon are selling, so we might not want to look at those, although we could dig into those and see if maybe Amazon runs out of stock frequently and maybe sell their product. But let’s just scroll down here, see if any Amazon’s not selling. Nothing so far.

11:10 So you can scroll through individually like that, or if you click on this little sandwich menu up on top here, you can actually filter your results here. One of the things I like to do is uncheck Amazon and then get the lowest number of sellers, maybe three or four, because that’ll tell me that other people are selling this product as well. So when we filter by that, you can see now we only have so many results, whatever meets our criteria.

11:44 You can also sort or filter by price, number of reviews, the current sales rank, estimated number of sales, estimated review, the rating of the reviews, and so on and so on. Lots of good things here.

12:01 But when I close that, you can see this brought up. So there’s maybe a few products here that might be worth digging into, these 236, 207. It doesn’t quite meet that 300 threshold that I’m typically looking for, but what you can do is you can just click on that right in Jungle Scout and it opens up that page for you. So it looks like we have some fine ground sea salt.

12:28 I’ve got some other plug-ins here. Again, RevSeller as well as the Keepa plug-in here. You can see my review for the Keepa plug-in and how I use that down below. I’ll put that link also because with the Keepa graph, you can see that Amazon has been selling this in the past with this orange here. So that’s really nice as well.

12:51 But if we hit the Jungle Scout plug-in here, it pulls in that information for us. Again, same information from the previous page, and you can dig into that deeper if you want to by clicking on these. In addition to that, down below here, you can click on this icon. That’s associated keywords, and it just gives you an idea of some of the top keywords that are associated with this listing. That’s something you could use if you’re going to maybe improve this listing or something like that. These are keywords that you’re going to want to have in your title, in your backend, in your description, and things like that.

13:41 You can export this data with this icon down here. So you can download a CSV file. It’s something that I do occasionally if you want to upload that into other software and things like that. You could also download a screenshot or share it to Facebook for whatever reason if you wanted to do that.

14:03 Occasionally, you’ll find that it will load the incorrect information in this window for some reason. If that ever happens, you can just click on this reload button up here and it’ll refresh that data. Just something to be aware of.

14:21 Now one other cool thing as well. When you’re on a search page like this and you have the Jungle Scout plug-in open, there’s a little icon down below here that will take you to a Google Trends report. So you can click on that. It opens up Google Trends, and then you can quickly see the interest over time of that search term on Google. Just a little bit of extra information that you can get from Jungle Scout and EasyLink over there as well.

14:52 So that is how I use the Jungle Scout Chrome plug-in in my Amazon wholesale business. Again, those links down below, use those to purchase Jungle Scout if you’re interested. They’re affiliate links. I’ll get a small cut at no additional cost to you, and it’ll help me make more videos like this for free for you. Also, while you’re down there, click the subscribe button and click the bell to get notified of more awesome videos like this.

15:22 I really think you’ll like the Jungle Scout Chrome plug-in. I use it pretty much every day in my business. Again, also, check out the other videos that I have here that you really might like, and click here to subscribe to the channel. Other than that, this is Todd Welch with the Amazon Seller School signing off. Happy selling, everybody.