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Prime Day Strategy: Focus on Margins, Not Just Sales

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1. Prime Day Strategy: Focus on Margins, Not Just Sales

An experienced Amazon brand strategist, Chris Turton advises sellers to rethink their approach to Amazon’s Prime Day, scheduled for July 16th and 17th. He criticizes the common focus on boosting sales at all costs, including increasing PPC budgets and dropping prices. Instead, Turton recommends focusing on strategies that protect profit margins and provide long-term benefits to the brand and its financial health. He suggests that if a seller’s net margin after Amazon fees is below 35%, they should reconsider participating in Prime Day discounts. His insights are drawn from experiences where consistent sales strategies, rather than temporary boosts like Prime Day, lead to sustained success on Amazon.

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2. Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2024 on July 16 and 17!

Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2024 will take place on July 16th and 17th, offering exclusive access to deals for Prime members. This event will feature discounts on top brands such as Clinique, Allbirds, and Sony, with new deals appearing as often as every five minutes. For Amazon sellers, this is a prime opportunity to increase sales and visibility. Engaging in Prime Day can help drive higher traffic to listings and potentially increase overall sales volumes. Additionally, invite-only deals will provide an opportunity for unique offers that can attract more customers.

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3. Amazon Prime Day 2024: Seller Guide and Expert Strategies

With Amazon Prime Day 2024 around the corner, sellers are provided a comprehensive guide to prepare and capitalize on this major sales event. The guide suggests analyzing past sales data to fine-tune strategies and emphasizes maintaining high inventory levels to meet the demand surge. For sellers on Amazon, Prime Day presents an opportunity not just for immediate sales boosts but also for testing marketing strategies and refining their approach based on consumer behavior and competitive analysis. Additionally, the guide advises focusing on net margins and optimizing pricing strategies instead of just increasing sales volume, ensuring long-term profitability.

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4. Over 200,000 Amazon Sellers Have Used Gen-AI Listing Tools

Over 200,000 Amazon sellers, including 30,000 from the EU, have leveraged generative AI tools to enhance their product listings. These AI tools are designed to simplify the creation and updating of product listings, saving significant time and improving content quality. This technological integration helps sellers increase their products’ discoverability and potentially boosts sales by offering enriched content. Dharmesh Mehta of Amazon emphasizes that these AI-driven tools not only enhance operational efficiency but also assist in reaching a broader international customer base, making them a critical asset for sellers on the platform.

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5. Amazon to Launch Discount Section with Direct Shipping from China

Amazon is set to introduce a new section on its platform dedicated to low-cost items, shipping directly from China to global consumers. This move is seen as Amazon’s strategic response to the growing popularity of discount shopping platforms like Temu and Shein. The products offered will range from unbranded fashion to home goods and everyday essentials, with delivery times projected between 9 to 11 days. This initiative will allow sellers to test small batches of new products, potentially boosting their flexibility and responsiveness to market demands.

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6. Amazon and Meta Increasingly Focus on Chinese Markets

Amazon and Meta are significantly boosting their business operations in China, even as many U.S. entrepreneurs face challenges on these platforms due to rising costs and competitive pressures. Despite setbacks for some American sellers, both companies are achieving record profits largely due to their expanding involvement with Chinese sellers, who contribute substantially to their revenues. This shift includes both large and small Chinese enterprises, markedly affecting the dynamics of the marketplace. The expansion is so significant that Amazon’s reliance on Chinese sellers accounts for a considerable portion of its e-commerce volume, indicating a strategic pivot that may reshape seller strategies on these platforms.

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