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How To Get Reimbursed For Damaged Product Returns From Amazon

Have you ever received a shipment with damaged products? Whether it’s the fault of a warehouse or the fault of a customer, as a hard-working seller, you deserve reimbursement. While asking something of Amazon might feel like gearing up for a losing battle, you can easily get reimbursed by following a few simple steps.

Open A Ticket

Start by creating a new support ticket with Amazon. 

Snap A Pic

Next, take photos. Take photos of the box itself, the shipping label that’s on the box, the Amazon insert that’s inside every box, and take pictures of every damaged product that was sent in the box. 

Upload Photos

On the ticket, upload the above photos. While Amazon does limit uploads to 10 megabytes per support ticket, you want to make sure everything is included, so upload as many images as you can on the first ticket and then reply on the next page and keep adding photos in the text box. 

Make sure to specify the ASIN number of the damaged products so Amazon knows which products to reimburse you for. The ASIN number can be found in that Amazon insert that’s inside every box under the ASIN Column. Also specify exactly what’s wrong with every damaged product. 

Make sure you’re providing as much information as possible so the person on the other side of your support ticket doesn’t need to ask several clarifying questions. Asking for reimbursement means building an airtight case.

Submit & Escalate (If Necessary)

Once you submit the ticket, Amazon may have a few more questions but if you’ve got pictures of the box, items, shipping label, and insert, you should be all set. If Amazon support does give you a hard time about something, answer their questions if possible. If that doesn’t resolve your problem, you can escalate your issue. If absolutely necessary, you can ask Amazon support to escalate your issue to a US-based support center and reach a customer service representative who can assist with your reimbursement via phone. 



Buddy, Todd Welch here with Amazon Seller School. And I just wanted to show you quick some damage returns that I got from Amazon. If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while,  I’m sure you’ve got some damaged returns and maybe you’re not quite sure what to do with them.

So I’m just going to show you the ones that I got here and what I’m gonna tell Amazon to get a reimbursement so I can get my money back for these products. So let me flick, flip, excuse me. Let me flip around the screen here for you. All right so you can see here first thing i’v got a T-ball helmet, now when I sent this in this was brand new. You can see it’s somebody’s either used it and returned it or was beat up in the Amazon warehouse I’m not sure but what I’ll do with this is I will send a message to Amazon about this one and tell them that this has been used, has been damaged in the warehouse I need a reimbursement for it. Set that one aside, next one here, this is a deck-it mount and Amazon actually put a lovely sticker right on here so I cannot really resell this anymore as new because the people at the warehouse put a sticker on it.

So I’m gonna make revert, reimburse me on that. Next thing here is a toy. You can see that the package has been damaged so I can no longer sell that as new so I’m gonna go ahead and make them reimburse me on that and then lastly here you can see another item packages has been folded up and damaged so basically I’m gonna get Amazon to reimburse me on all of that and how I go on doing that is to create a new support ticket with Amazon and you want to make sure to take a picture of the box, take a picture of the shipping label on the box, take a picture of the Amazon insert that comes in the box. Here’s an example of oné of these, this will come in the box and so make sure you take a picture of that and send it to them as well. And then take a picture of all the items with damage on them.

Now, Amazon limits the uploads to 10MB per support ticket, so what I do is I just upload as many images on that first ticket and then I reply on the next page and keep adding photos just in the text box put additional photos and specify the ASIN number which you can find on the ticket here. It’s under the ASIN column, you can specify that and  just say what is wrong with the product so that they know which ones are going to give you reimbursement for.

And once you submit that they may cover a few more questions but all they should need pictures of the box, pictures of the shipping label that’s on the box,  pictures of the Amazon sheets that is inside there and pictures of the damage of each product. If they try to give you any flack for certain things, reply to their questions if you can but if it gets too ridiculous just ask them to escalate the case and if really necessary you can ask them to escalate to US-based support and get someone on the phone who can get your reimbursement for those products but for the most part if you clear all of that stuff you shouldn’t have any problems getting reimbursement for the products that Amazon damaged. It’s not your fault that they are damaged, Amazon broke them and they deserve, you deserve a reimbursement for them even if it was the customer that damaged it Amazon should give you a reimbursement for that.

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